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  • Re: Ideas to incorporate Military into our wedding

    My FI is in the air force and he had the idea of designing coins as our favors. They're actually pretty cheap to get made, and we're going to have them at each place setting with a little card explaining their significance (for my family who is not familiar with military traditions). I thought it made a nice little touch of his career without going overboard
  • Re: Ring Security- ring bearers

    @mimiphin - sorry, didn't mean to imply that planners shouldn't be on this site, or that planners are the ones making rude comments.  I was simply trying to point out the ridiculousness of being annoyed by a "newb" on a wedding planning board.  

    I've been very offended by rude comments I've seen on these boards lately, and the fact that someone who tries to point out this rudeness is assumed to be a "newb" and is disregarded for being such.

    Sorry that what I said offended you mimi, I didn't mean to be singling out any group as not belonging here (except mean people who degrade others...)
  • Re: Save the Dates on normal postcards

    Just an fyi - we did save the dates from vistaprint and I discovered that if I clicked on the options for "save the dates" on the website everything was much more expensive than when I clicked on "postcards" (under 'marketing materials')

    We made postcards and I got 100 of them in full color on both sides for less than $20. Still have a giant pile and they came out great. I honestly don't even know what the difference would be between the ones I bought and the ones in the save the date section that cost way more, but love mine

    If you like the idea of doing them yourself though, maybe try out a few on your home printer, make sure you like how they turn out. If they look the way you want, go with it! I'm a crafter so I definitely understand the desire to make them yourself. You could also buy the pretty postcards and use them as thank you notes later.
  • Re: Possible honeymoon in Italy, after all

    Absolutely see the sistine chapel and vatican city - it was my favorite part of Italy when I went a few years ago. You have to wake up super early to get there though - lines get long come 7 am

    Buy LOTS of gelato.  there will be street carts selling it for a few euros everywhere, and its delicious.  For quick meals there's also food carts with pizza and they're wonderful.  Unique toppings and very good. I didn't have any money for real restaurants when I went (spring break when studying abroad - super broke), so we bought tons of fresh food from the grocery stores, and even that was unique and delicious.

    Venice is gorgeous but very touristy. Take the water taxi to the outlying islands (murano where they make venetian glass and burano where they make gorgeous lace)

    Also - random tip - do whatever you can to avoid the typical rolling suitcases in venice, unless you are staying immediately next to the train station.  The "roads" in Venice are rivers, and the "crosswalks" are actually bridges. You will go up and down SO many stairs.  I hated my rolling suitcase that trip.
  • Re: We are going to Rome! Any advice?

    Pompeii is amazing.  Wonderful day trip. 

    Avoid Naples.  We decided to spend a few days there.  Worst decision ever 

    Capri is a WONDERFUL relaxing day trip.  Lemon tree farms, cute shops, cafes, villas, just wonderful

    Make sure you look up how the bus system works.  We did not do so and ended up with a ticket because we thought you bought bus passes on the bus and we were wrong.

    Buy lots of gelato.  seriously, LOTS.