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    @drina0218 - We have some rain scheduled too, right when our pictures and ceremony are supposed to happen.  We would do the same thing as y'all with just having people sit at the tables, but I really don't want to have to do that.  I guess I need to think of a backup indoor plan for pictures!  And @Alikat9614 I can't wait to eat the cake!! Seriously, I may be looking forward to the food the most!
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    Does anyone else feel like this may be the slowest week ever??  I'm sitting at work and I know it's a short week but I STILL JUST WANT IT TO BE THE WEEKEND!!  I can't believe everything we've planned is actually going to be a real event!
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    @rebeccaflower - yes! As we have it planned only the ceremony will be  outside, so hopefully 40 minutes max if people arrive early for the ceremony.  Other than that the cocktail hour and reception will be inside.  It's a morning wedding so the heat won't be quite as bad as in the afternoon, but we do have lot's of water, OJ, iced tea, and of course mimosas, bloody mary's, and white wine :)
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    @PineapplePopsicles - Congratulations, that's coming up soon! I feel like I still have a lot to figure out when it comes to the little details, but I really just keep putting it off! oops. Exactly, I don't think anyone we've invited has ever been to a wedding like ours before, it's kind of exciting!
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    Hi @PineapplePopsicles - I think we finally figured out the timeline!  Ours is September 6th and we have a 10am ceremony with the reception at the same venue after that.  Here is what ours looks like so far, let me know if you have any suggestions!

    5am- hair and makeup starts for the wedding party (yes, I know that this sounds absolutely terrible! Finding a stylist to help this early was so difficult.)
    8am- both wedding parties arrive at venue for first look, all wedding party pictures, couples shots.
    9:40- guests start arriving?
    10am- ceremony
    10:30- ceremony over
    10:30-11:15- cocktail hour and apps, lawn games, family pictures
    11:30- Brunch opens
    11:30-2:30: Brunch, toasts, dances, cake, etc.
    2:45- We depart
    3- guests depart