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  • Re: Is anyone else tired of seeing fit and flair dresses?

    I am a twig so I disappear in the ballgown style. I like the fit and flare look because it gives me some curves. My dress will have to have straps though, because I can't keep a strapless in place, plus I will be getting married at an amusement park and want to be able to ride the rides without any worry!
  • Re: What is the definition of an "offbeat wedding"?

    I define an offbeat wedding by being a wedding that is not "the norm".  Wearing a colored wedding dress or having a theme wedding would both fit that.  I think being an offbeat bride means that you don't want your entire wedding to be traditional, you want to add a bit of your own uniqueness to it.
  • Re: Jacket for wedding dress?

    All that matters is that you like it.  I would buy it and try it with your dress, if you don't like it return it.
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  • Re: Ash Scattering at Sea

    We just spread my grandmothers ashes over labor day weekend.  Everyone was contacted by phone, which worked out fine.  I think an invitation would be a little weird personally.  There were only about 8 of us, but we didn't have it on the water, we all had a little baggie and found a place to scatter the ashes (also a little weird but that was my grandfather's request).  I love the idea of having a song played while you are spreading the ashes and throwing the flowers.  I hope it turns out well for you guys!
  • Re: Amusement Park Wedding?

    Thank you for all your replies! We have been talking to Cedar Point and a few of the hotels in the area. If we get married on the beach (where I want to) they will include 12 tickets and extra tickets will be discounted to about $30. We think what we might do is have a late morning/early afternoon wedding on the beach, a quick cocktail hour/pictures and then a quick lunch and reception at the breakers. Afterwards we would have the entire evening to enjoy the amusement park.