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  • Re: Asking in laws for financial help

    I can't believe that a couple who has been together for 10 years doesn't have savings for a wedding. And it pisses me off that you are allowing your parents to dip into their retirement to payfor your wedding.
  • Re: Wrapping Shower Gifts

    Here's a poem:

    This is a dumb idea,
    please bring me a present
    wrapped in clear plastic wrap.
    Yep, it's weird, but do it anyway.

    How's that? It doesn't rhyme, but I think it has a great artistic quality about it.
  • Re: WR: Dress Code issues with Black Tie Preferred

    I'm making guests on my side dress up like characters from the Wizard of Oz and FI's side will have to dress up like various mythological creatures. During the cocktail hour, I expect them to fight to the death. That way we'll save tons of money on food and alcohol. It's all spelled out on my website: www.dumbassideas.com.
  • Re: I need help!

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    Well I took some advice and decided to tell FI everything tonight. I went home and made dinner and made sure it was perfect. I just told him everything. I started by telling him that I had something to tell him and that I was having an affair. He became really upset and then I told him to calm down and that's when I told him that it was with FFIL. Fi just sat there for a minute and then he picked up his glass of water and smashed it against he wall. Then he started yelling and swearing at me and he threw the entire pan of tacos at the wall and food when everywhere. All he while screaming and freaking out. I was crying so bad but I didn't know what to do next. I tried telling him I was sorry and then he just grabbed me by the hair and yelled into my face that I was a slut and that he hated me nd to burn in hell and that he was going to beat the siht out of his dad. He hit me in he face and then shoved me into the wall and I fell over into the broken dishes. It hurt so bad so I started yelling and crying even worse and fi just grabbed his keys and left. So I called FFIL he is Greg and told him everything. I told him I was going to come over to his house because I was scared of fi. I went to the bedroom and grabbed a few things and drove to Greg's house. When I got there he noticed I needs stitches so he took me to the emergency room. I told him everything that happens in the car and thatt I was scared and didn't know what to do. He told me that he would fix everything and not to worry. I spent two fucking hours in the ER waiting Nd getting stitches and it was so awful. The nurse wanted to call the cops, Greg too but I pleaded with them not to. After I was done Greg took me back to his house and told me that he wants to protect me from fi and that he would do anything that it took. I am waiting now for greg because he is packing some things, we are going to leave town. I have no idea where or for how long but I trust Greg and I know he will keep me safe. I hope he is done packing soon because i keep worrying fi will show up at any moment. I keep trying to call my MOH but she isn't answering, hopefully when we get to wherever we go I can get in touch with her then. I don't know what to do about the wedding, obviously no marrying fi anymore but everything was booked with our money and I don't know if I will get anything back. All I know is I am so glad I found out how violent fi is and that I didn't marry him after all. Ok Greg is done packing. I have to go
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    Tacos? That's what you make for your big fancy apology dinner?

    And yeah. Dudes aren't supposed to hit girls and all that jazz, but I just can't find it in myself to feel the least bit sorry for you. I'm not going to lie, if my H told me he was sleeping with my mom, I honestly don't know how I would react, but there would probably be some crazy involved. Telling someone you are fucking one of their parents is one of those times when acting normal kind of goes out of the window.
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