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  • Re: Are you ready for some football?!

    Remember, there are games Saturday, this week. 

    @lyndausvi, I like that we have a rematch from last week!
  • Re: TGI Get me out of this week!

    lyndausvi said:
    lyndausvi said:
    oh yeah season 9 sucked.  BUUUUT they talk about the "same couch" and "same cast" and all that in advertising so I'm wondering if they will toss S9 altogether? That can be done for sure, given what S9 really was.

    I love GG so I may try that show @Lyndausvi!
    I really enjoyed the show and Alex Borstien and Rachel Brosnhan are great.  Actually Marin Hinkle (the mom) and Tony Shalhoub (dad) are good also.

     I'm not a fan the actor playing Joel though.  Trying to figure out if it's just his character or just him as an actor.
    Same. His parents are hilarious, too. The casting is really good. I'm going to finish up the season this weekend. 
    Yes, his parents are funny.  Can you imagine having Shirley as your MIL?  She would drive me crazy.  Hiding food?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
    The chicken soup in the freezer was my favorite. 
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    lyndausvi said:
    speaking of TV shows, it was announced today that the premiere of Roseanne is March 27th.  Who has two thumbs and a DVR set for March 27th? This girl.
    I was always meh about Roseanne.  I watched it from time-to-time, but never went out of my way to watch either.    The last season was just... bad.  

    Although most final seasons are bad.   Heck the shows that come back seem to ignore the "final" season even existed.   Looking at you Will and Grace.
    Same with Gilmore Girls.
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    @thefanciestbeckler happy birthday!!

    @charlotte989875 what happened to your car? I hope it's an easy fix!
    Thanks! The lights would come on, but the engine wouldn't turn over. I can put it in gear but nothing happens. 
    Hmmmm. Battery? Starter? Ignition? 
    Probably starter. The battery was replaced new in the middle of October, so something else is going on. Hopefully we'll hear from the dealer soon. We have a warranty on it, so hopefully whatever it is will be covered, and they'll give me loaner if it takes a while to fix.
  • Re: He's not a 'good guy'...he's guilted and gas-lighted you.

    Using the word 'escape' from a relationship is telling. Get out now, he's an adult and will have to learn how to be one.