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  • Re: Friday.....Friday October 13th

    I know I say this every time there is a holiday, but short weeks always seem more hectic and crazy than normal weeks. So glad it's Friday! Last night we took the dog for a walk, 2x BCBC, and football. It was glorious. 

    Then the car battery died this morning (hopefully it's just the battery), H took a PTO day so he's dealing with it and I have his stupid big truck. 

    Sunday is race day! I'm driving to Columbus in the morning and seeing my best Ohio friend. I'm super excited. She's running the full and I'm just doing the half. I've never been to Columbus so I'm looking forward to it. 
  • Re: Ugh

    Thanks @short+sassy & @southernbelle0915 It did feel pretty badass. 
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    Big day at the nonprofit. Met the lieutenant governor who spoke at one of our programs, then was asked to provide testimony to the state Department of Labor on the effect of call-in scheduling on domestic violence survivors. Exhausted but home early and I might take a nap. 

    Heres a (bad) picture of me from the hearing. 

  • Re: Are you ready for some football?!

    I need to start keeping better track of things!  But I see my QB Ben R. was about the worst ever this week.  Awesome, lol.
    As someone married to a Steelers fan, I'd say that might have been his worst week, ever. 

    I'm sure it is my fault.  It's because he is on my fantasy team.
    I'll tell him that!

    My Goddesses suffered their first lost to @kimmiinthemitten  but I'm more annoyed H is still 5-0 when I'm 4-1. 

    I wish I could say sorry, but I'm not.

  • Re: Am i going crazy?

    I definitely think it's weird someone invited her to the office when it wasn't open, and she came. I don't know why, but that would rub me the wrong way. But I also agree with @lyndausvi that maybe some of the feeling is that he's out more now (and with another woman) and you're home with the kid? How frequently is this happening?