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  • Re: Holiday Songs

    O Holy Night is definitely my favorite. I love to sing, and I enjoy the challenge of singing that one! 

    Least favorite would have to be Last Christmas. I can't stand that song. Nothing gets me to change the radio station faster.
  • Re: Holiday Movies

    @MobKaz The Bishop's Wife is such a sweet movie. That was my introduction to Cary Grant when I was a kid! 
  • Re: Estranged FMIL and conflicts with FSIL, invites? Sorry, long.

    There are a few things to think about here when you and FH are figuring out what to do about this:

    - You both friended FMIL on Facebook after FH didn't speak to her for years, but don't seem to want her to know too much about what's going on in your lives. FH needs to decide how much of a relationship he really wants with his mother in the future. Reaching out on social media allowed her back into his life, to a degree, and it may be difficult to back away from that now without some serious conflict. 

    - Your niece being flower girl, in my opinion, is not a good enough reason to invite FSIL. Etiquette is all well and good, but if she's really that uninterested in her child - and in the two of you - do you really want her there? 

    - How does your niece feel about her mother? Would it be uncomfortable or upsetting for her if FSIL was at the wedding? She may be too young to say or to know how she feels about her mother, but it's still something worth considering.

    All this being said, while you and FH should absolutely discuss these issues, it is ultimately up to him whether or not to invite these family members, and you need to respect whatever his decision is. But if there is any fallout from that decision, he also needs to be the one who deals with it, not you. Blood deals with blood. 

    I'm sorry that you guys have to deal with this, and I applaud you both for stepping up for your niece when she needed you.

  • Re: Torn between two dresses, HELP!

    I don't think you can know for sure until you've tried both on yourself, but personally, I prefer the 1st one. It's really pretty and a bit more distinctive; I can't say I've ever seen another dress quite like that one. I also think it will fit the vibe of your wedding better.
  • Re: Grandmother

    I agree with PP's. Getting her a corsage would be nice, and make sure to ask your photographer to take some pictures of her with the whole family. I think that will be enough to make her feel special. 

    Don't worry about not having a church wedding. I think family members who feel funny about it beforehand usually aren't thinking about it all that much on the day itself. And even if that isn't the case, you don't owe her anything simply because you chose to get married someplace else. Grandma should feel special and included because she's your FI's grandmother; that is reason enough.