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  • Re: Did You Pick Out Your Engagement Ring?

    We went once to look at rings a few months beforehand, but we knew we couldn't afford a ring purchase yet. Then a few days before Christmas he surprised me by saying we should go to pick out my ring the next day. I said okay cool! It didn't hit me until that morning that he actually wanted to pick it and buy in the same day, and then I was getting really excited. Until this point we knew we were going to get married, but never really talked about exactly what the timeline was on him proposing. I was slightly hesitant on how it would work, because he worked 7 days a week and we weren't able to do dinner usually etc. Turned out it wasn't a problem because on the ride home we just decided I should start wearing it, when we got home he did get down on one knee and ask, but it was kinda tongue-in-cheek because we already had decided I was wearing the ring that day and I knew he was asking when we got home lol.
    It's not an extravagant or traditional story, but I think it's romantic in that it's so different...our story has a lot of sweet moments to it, the proposal didn't need to be excessive :-)
  • Re: long-term weight loss

    Your treadmill comment was spot on, I love to run and challenge my previous records, but it definitely does become something you can dread when you HAVE to do it every day. I am becoming a huge fan of mixing it up, and it sounds like you've completely mastered that! Thanks for the ideas!
  • Re: XP: Helping Fi lose some weight

    Working out together is great, you both feel more motivated, you feel sexier around each other, and there's nothing like staring at a guy working out and being able to think "yeah he's mine!" That being said the great enemy is time. FI and I used to work out every morning together before going to school, now that we have both graduated college he works every day (literally) and never ever feels like physical activity. His job can be physical when it's busy, but when it's not the guys pretty much just eat horribly and sit. I am trying to make better meals so he can take them with him, but I have a hard time finding the time to do it for myself (I work full time) let alone him as well (he's much pickier than I am). In the end it's  completely true, if the person doesn't want to do it, they're not going to no matter how much people help them. This is true for me too, I could lose a few pounds, and I know he supports me entirely, it's just making my lazy ass want to get going that's the problem. It boils down to its much easier if you can find something to do together.
  • Re: Show me your rose gold!

    Here's mine! I absolutely love the rose gold! We went to jared and picked it out together. It's a half carat marquee diamond, and 34 other tiny diamonds.