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  • Re: Feeling psychologized

    Part of my national accreditation in counseling was promising to not counsel family and friends.  It’s inappropriate.  (And I’m not even a real counselor like LW’s friend, just a school counselor!)  

    Depending on who’s asking/how they ask, I get a little peeved when people ask for help with college counseling (CommonApp, editing admission essays or personal statements, FAFSA applications, etc.).  I’m not a monster I’m always willing to help someone whose kid is having a more abstract problem, but I always preface it with my opinion is coming as a friend, not a counselor.  So I can’t imagine LW’s offering unsolicited, professional advice.   :o  
  • Re: Bridal party nightmares--add yours

    Agree with @short+sassy I’d consider calling off the wedding if my FI was suddenly that shallow and gross.  And I love that you tagged yourself  :D

    I thankfully haven’t had any over the top BM experiences at the hands of the bride- my most annoying was a brideslave experience.  I was young and I guess lacked the confidence to tell the bride I wasn’t helping her with seven different DIY projects.  

    “Hell-like” and “traumatizing” are too dramatic, but my biggest BM nightmares have been at the hands of other BMs, not the bride.  The crown jewel was when I was MOH in my sister’s wedding, one of her BMs was tough.  
  • Re: Sandals Jamaica South Coast Wedding Advice

    I haven’t been to that resort (or to Jamaica) so I can’t help as far as sharing personal experience.  But what do the resort’s reviews say?  (Not reviews that they feature on their site, but on Facebook, wedding sites, etc.). Ask your coordinator there if there are past brides who’d share their experience, or photos.  
    Have you been there?  FWIW, I’ve heard good things about the Sandals brand.
  • Re: Who pays for bridesmaids hair and makeup?

    I answered you on the other board you posted in- when it’s a double post include XP in the title :)

    If you require that the BMs have professional hair and MU, you pay.  If you’re just opening the services up to them, but not requiring, they pay.
  • Re: Hair & makeup for bridesmaids - who pays??

    I hired a hair and makeup artist for my wedding and am not sure what to do. I know different people do different things but what tends to be the norm? 

    Do the bridesmaids pay for their own hair and makeup? Or do I? 

    What have been your experiences??
    If you’re requiring that they use your professional hair and MUA, you pay.  If you’re just offering them to use the services and it’s their choice, they’d pay.

    My experience was I hired a hair stylist and MUA to come to my parents’ house, where I was getting ready.  I offered (but didn’t require) my mother, sisters (co-MOHs) and my BM the services as well.  Mom and sisters took me up on them, BM passed and styled herself.  Both professionals requested the final numbers a week in advance so they knew what time to come/could set up their day.  I found it helpful to request the money for each service in advance, so that I had the cash in the envelopes ready to roll; no awkward shuffling around in wallets at go-time.