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  • Re: Tuesday?

    I found out today that I passed my national emergency nursing certification exam. Big deal in my profession. I’m drinking a glass of ice wine to celebrate!
  • Re: Bullies

    I was bullied from Grade 4 until Grade 10 and what I learned from the experience is that almost every bully is doing the bullying to improve their own feelings of worth and importance. Any measures to stem bullying need to be about fostering connections, bringing people together and finding commonalities. Everyone needs to feel accepted and heard. When that isn’t happening, negative attention is better than no attention. A friend is doing her Masters on bullying and she has found that many bullies will bully those ‘below’ them to help themselves feel better about their situation. 

    I think any any program needs to be about all kids and standing up to bullying by improving relationships. 
  • Re: Monday!

    @short+sassy can you get her to do an electronic transfer instead of money order? No one has to go anywhere and she can set up an auto payment option. That is how I get all the money from our rentals. Everything plops into my account on 1st and I just double check. 

    6 more work days and I’m on vacation until Jan 9. Getting excited. I need a break. 

    Spending Christmas with my parents, sister and her hubby/kids and my Gramps. My sister emails today asking if we can move it all to her house so her in laws and brother in law can join in. They did Christmas with them last year and still get to see them in the morning. I told my Mom over my dead body. It is weird in general but especially for my H. My sister would be furious if I pulled that out to try and switch things to my house to include my in laws ... don’t know why she thinks it is acceptable to do it on her end.

    Having a a glass of port because I can.  

  • Re: Number of cupcakes if they're the only dessert?

    After reading all of the comments, boozy is starting to look like it's not a word lol.

    We also had cupcakes for our only dessert, and we had 3 flavors. The bakery suggested 1.5 per person, and we had 130ish guests IIRC. That put us at about 200 cupcakes, split evenly between 3 flavors. We had one chocolate base (chocolate peanut butter), strawberry & one vanilla base (with lemon filling and lemon frosting). The bakery we went with suggested to not get tooo crazy with flavors, because most people do like to try them but they don't always go over well in a group. 

    Are your cupcakes going to be clearly labeled which ones have alcohol in them? Even if everyone is 21+, like others have mentioned, that doesn't mean they drink. I also (personally) don't like cakes that are soaked in alcohol because I feel like it changes the texture, but that's definitely a know your crowd thing. The flavors you chose are also kind of polarizing. Coffee is one of those things that people either love or hate, and same with pumpkin spice/ginger.

    As far as numbers, I would plan 1 boozy and 1 regular for each person. Would it be possible for your bakery to do half boozy and half regular, for all 3 flavors? You might have extras left over, but if you can send them home with guests if you don't want them all, or most cupcakes freeze pretty well.
    Love this idea!
  • Re: How Much Booze Do We Need?

    I would research a bit for stores (although in Ontario ... it is all provincial correct) that allow for unopened bottles to be returned. Some stores are picky and will only take back full cases while others are fine with single bottles. If you can return unopened, overbuying is recommended.

    For wine, I would choose 1-2 red types and one white type. People are all over the map with what they prefer. I might start with looking at selections that you enjoy and then ensuring that they are complimentary to foods that you will be serving. A pinot or cabernet is often middle of the road for a red and a sauv blanc is typically a good white choice. Chardonnays can be polarizing.

    Beer, consider splitting it into 2-3 categories. Have a nice light domestic type beer (think Canadian) and then 1-2 different choices like a darker brown/amber/stout and perhaps a craft type beer with a bit more hops. Again, start with things that you like and then see how they might compliment the foods you are serving.

    Liquor is a bit more tricky. You can limit things to serve 1-2 types of signature cocktails or if you know your crowd, you might only have rum, vodka and whisky. Have a lot of tequila fans ... might be something to add.

    I would also talk with your venue about what is typically consumption for the size of your party. That might help a bit with numbers.