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  • Re: You need to have a full-out financial goals discussion.

    H and I make very different salaries. We didn’t come into the relationship with any debt but we were all over the financial talk. We had a cohabitation agreement that I th8nk more couples should have. 
  • Re: Post-Wedding Party for Parents' Friends

    My Inlaws (basically MIL) was po’d that her friends weren’t invited. We agreed to have her host a meet the newlyweds cocktail party. It ended up making her very happy and releasing the tension. In saying that, we didn’t have to travel. 
  • Re: Saturday

    @WinstonsGirl we use Skip all the time. It is great. 

    Im in the minority, but I really don’t enjoy watching the Olympics. 
  • Re: Drinking glass to hold candle?

    Does the restaurant have something you could use? 

    I got got married and had my reception in a restaurant. I ended up not having floral arrangements and no one missed them. The food was the star and well fed guests don’t really care about table decor. The restaurant had little candles out that are regularly on the tables and it’s looked fine. More room for food. 
  • Re: The Un-Wedding Wedding and Family Heartburn

    CMGragain said:

    Yours wedding plans are perfectly proper.  You will have a couple who wants to get married, an officiant at the courthouse, a valid marriage license, and legal witnesses.  You are then treating family to food and drink (reception).  Are yo paying for the raw bar?  If not, you need to offer some hors d'oeuvres with the champagne at your home.
    The words are:  "We are so happy that you could be with us at our wedding.  Thank you for coming on our special day."  Any further discussion is met with the word, "No."  Keep repeating it.

    If your family really wants to have a celebration party and they are willing to host it, you can cave, but you are not obligated to do this.  The party would not be a "wedding" at all, and none of the tradition you listed would be appropriate at a party to celebrate your recent marriage.  Of course, THEY would pay for the party that they want!

    Stick to your guns!  Your plans sound lovely!  You have planned a very traditional American wedding.  Many of my relatives were married just as you describe.
    Yes, we are paying for the food and drink at both our home and the raw bar. I have been attempting to be cognizant of etiquette and had invitations which let everyone know that we will not be serving a full meal. We plan to have some chocolate covered strawberries and croissants with the champagne toast at our home as well. There will be no small children in attendance and we have tried to pay some attention to the formality of attire/time of day. 

    I honestly thought this might be refreshing to some as it doesn't follow the pattern of many weddings I have been to. But the backlash has been surprising. My grandma was married at home and had a single studio portrait of her in her gown-- I was always impressed by how simple that seemed. But apparently the expectation of guests is quite different. 
    As long as the reception doesn’t fall over a meal time, you are fine with not serving a full meal. If you are over a meal time, you need to serve more.