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  • Re: How many people showed up vs. how many were invited?

    We invited 126 and had 46 no's. I think we had about 75 people show which was great as it was our minimum anyway. On that note, I felt bad because I didn't feel like I got to spend quality time with some of our guests. I can't imagine how exhausted those of you were that had much larger guest turn-out! You have my respect.

    I did have an issue which I found out when making follow-up calls to those who didn't RSVP "in time." Some people never received their invite and 2 invites arrived like the week RSVP's were due. Thank you USPS.

  • Re: Baseball theme favors

    I vote to skip the towels. While I can see your point, it's a pretty big expense. I like the Cracker Jacks idea. Or what about a mix of Big League Chew gum and Cracker Jacks? Or can you make your own baseball cards? For our reception cards I made concert tickets as our tables were named after different bands/singers. I dunno, just a thought.

    We had a candy bar at our wedding and it was a HUGE hit. People are still talking about it. So, chalk me up as another vote for edible favors.

  • Re: Time-Bomb Weekend Wedding

    No words...except...maybe you'll get lucky and get to sit on hay bales! Or homemade pillows!
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  • Re: Wedding this weekend

    That sounds like an amazing time! What a thoughtful couple. Making your guests comfortable and feel special? Craziness!!! :)
  • Re: Can I see your dog?

    This is Oskar and Bella. Oskar enjoys barking for no apparent reason and peeing when excited. Bella enjoys sleeping and people food.

    We got Oskar from another family who was moving and couldn't take him. He's 3. I've had Bella since she was 8 weeks old and she's now 9 1/2 years old.

    I say this picture makes Bella look like the old grandma in the grocery store with her knee highs rolled down to her ankles and her house slippers.