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    fyrchk said:
    I had a patient call me once telling me she had tried to take care of her yeast infection but it didn't work so she was going to come in for the dr to take a look at it. Her method? Spreading yogurt on her vagina but since she didn't have any yogurt she used vanilla pudding.
    Oh my word. Sugar only feeds yeast! I know you know this, I just had to say it. I could not be a nurse because I would not be able to control my face with people like this. 

    To be fair, plain yogurt is a longstanding at home remedy for a yeast infection.  However the key words are "plain"...as is in no sugar...and YOGURT...as in (I think) the active cultures are the supposed magic.  No active cultures in pudding.  Nobody hocks it to cure intestinal troubles either, like they do with yogurt. 

    Big yes to the bolded!  Make a mistake and use any yogurt, instead of plain yogurt, and the yeast goes into a growing frenzy.

    True about the yogurt. I was stuck on the vanilla pudding=appropriate substitute.
  • Re: Obvious regift is obvious

    Some friends and I purposely do a regift. My friend's mom bought me some coasters that you can put pictures in. As a joke, I regifted to said friend after she made fun of them. It has now grown and we've been passing them back and forth for years now.
  • Re: Idiot swimmers

    My friend just posted on Facebook:

    Locthe's new name: Swim Shady

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    scribe95 said:
    I wonder if Lochte just told Mom a crazy story and didn't know she would tell reporters and then suddenly it's out and he's making it up as he goes along? Either way, what a disgrace. 
    I guess I still don't get this explanation either. Why tell the mom anything, let alone a trumped up victim story?  
    Ryan Lochte isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, you know?

    JA! Or whatever his dumbass saying was from the last Olympics.
  • Re: Have we done a "I don't get" thread recently?

    fyrchk said:

    I don't get the people who find fault in EVERYTHING. I have a friend who is constantly facebooking about why every news article she reads is wrong/racist/anti-feminist/anti-motherhood/triggering/sexist/etc. It gets old. She is so full of herself. And when that's not enough she will comment on why she's so glad she can go out without having a drink since she's a former addict and obviously we are all crippled by having a drink at dinner.

    The sanctimonious bullshit is high with this one.

    People like that are part of the reason I'm careful whom I tell (IRL) about my recovery or mental health issues. I don't want anyone making the assumption that I'm the same way.

    I doubt you would be the same way. Just from reading your posts here you don't come across as looking down on everyone. :)