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  • Re: WIFEY trucker hat, black and gold, 5/13/2017

    Very odd, but my guess is that they had to buy a minimum number to get the hat custom printed for "Wifey" to get one to wear on the wedding day (5/13/17) and were hoping to recoup some of the costs by selling the unused ones.
  • Re: Venue Closed so RE Doing everything

    Affirmation of vows is just a PPD-- Pretty Princess Day. If you elope, just own that decision and don't have any sort of reenactment. People aren't that interested in seeing you do some sort of pretend wedding.
  • Re: DW 2018

    I should have included more detail:

    We are planning on 120 all attending, however we are basing the number of attendees off of who attended the engagement party as well (for example, I had guests that are from my home country, that will not attend). In addition, we would like a space where multiple resorts are close by, allowing different price points for people. 

    In addition this is mine and fiance's budget. Our families have also offered to help for additional expenses. 

    We have looked at multiple options in terms of having the wedding near our hometown, near where we live, etc. and destination wedding is our best bet. We are looking to do the following:

    Have a white night before the wedding (which will be on us). We feel this would be a great way to have everyone together and would act as our rehearsal dinner!

    In addition, we are looking to also pay for the dinner at the reception as well. 

    Have your families given you a hard number for their offer, or are they offering to pay for specific items? Don't count on any money that's not in your bank account when you begin booking items. If it's not there, you can't plan on spending it. If they're offering to pay for specific items, you let them make the contacts, sign the contracts, and make the payments directly.
  • Re: 1.4 ct to 3 ct Ring

    LPinVegas said:

    Mods, if posted in wrong area please move, this was the only section where I saw reasonable traction on rings:

    Wife and I have been married 4 years, but have known each other and been engaged much longer. I'm looking to upgrade her original engagement ring from a 1.4 diamond to a 3 ct diamond. However, my concern when looking at these rings is it's a pretty big jump in size and I'm afraid she won't like it.

    She's conservative, not flashy, classy in dress, from very humble beginnings. Size 4.5-5 ring finger, long fingers and the setting is basically solitaire engagement ring with a band and both bands have diamonds down each side, each band is thin.  We'll be keeping her original ring so I suppose if she's going someplace that she may feel uncomfortable wearing it she could always wear the original.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I attached a picture similar to the upgrade including the 3 ct stone.

    This sentence right here is the reason not to do it. 3 ct is getting very blingy in my opinion and I don't think your wife would necessarily be comfortable wearing such an ostentatious sort of ring.

    I feel the same as @justsie about my e-ring; it's the ring my H gave me and I wouldn't want it changed just to have a bigger stone because it wouldn't be the same ring anymore.
  • Re: DW 2018

    I just came across a site that recommended budgeting $225/person for a domestic DW and $400/person for an international DW due to the extra entertaining that comes with a DW-- meals the night before and morning after and extras such as welcome bags and whatnot to thank your guests for taking the time and expense of coming to your wedding.

    The article does mention the all-inclusives as a cheaper option, but that's only because your guests are absorbing the costs that the hosts should be covering, and no one should be "that host."