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  • Re: I know I'm going to get backlash for this..

    We had a small wedding in my mom's living room. Only a few family members were there. None of my husband's family could make it we planned on having a vow renewal a couple years later so everyone could be there. Life got in the way. We've never had the renewal and we are OK with that. We would have lived to celebrate with everyone, but when it came down to it, that MO eyes was better spent in other places. It seemed ridiculous, to us, for us to spend it on a party when all that really mattered was that we were already married.
  • Re: Cover for Army DS?

    Sorry, as a Veteran, those statements annoy me, too. It's also a bit off putting that you're complaining about what his authorized head gear is because you don't like the way it looks. You say you are proud of him being a DS, but then you insult his hat. That is an honor to wear and is earned through a heck of a lot of hard work.
    You are chiding Stan but you were insulting and offensive in your OP.
  • Re: Air Force fiancée trying to add military details to the wedding

    Yeah, I'm not down with the salute thing.  That's why so many of these chicks think they need to be saluted at the gate or need awards for doing what a wife or spouse should do.  
  • Re: Invitation wording help!

    Oh Goodness! I hate auto correct. PERSEC
  • Re: Marine Corp Cover Rules!!! Can't find the answer :(

    If I may add, as another Veteran (MP), people do face punishment for breaking regs at weddings. DH jus taut one of his guys on extra duty for not having the beans to tell his now wife, mom and wedding planner that flowers don't go on uniforms.
    Several months ago, he crawled the behind of another for wearing ACU'S IS his beach wedding ceremony. Why? Regs specifically say they are not to be worn for weddings.
    If you can't follow simple uniform regs, how can you be trusted to follow regs and rules that are "more important".