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    We have a friend who makes log furniture, so he made a wood plaque and Engraved "Mr and Mrs Us" and our date on it.  Actually, he did 2 because he thought the first one looked weird, but looked fine to us.  So we have 2 of them, hanging in different parts of the house.  Oh, and we took them back to him after the wedding to put a sealer on them.  

    Only annoying part was that H's sister got drunk and wrote "Congrats Bitches!" on one of them, so that sort of made it a bit inappropriate.  That one is hanging in a less conspicuous part of the house.
  • Re: VP Debate

    I didn't watch it but I did find it amusing that Republicans were complaning after the fact that Kaine was "rude".  I'm like really, you support Donald Trump and you are complaining that Tim Kaine was rude?  
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    Next time he mentions wifey, just casually ask "hey, I thought you weren't getting married til next summer?" or something like that.

    And really, even if it is a real wedding, you don't have to go.  Send them a gift and be done with it, and enjoy your trip.
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    I had a buyer once that would complain about every paint color in every house she saw.  I finally just stopped showing her "used" properties, and we only looked at new.  Then she decided not to buy anything at all and continued to rent her shithole apartment.
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    banana468 said:
    hellohkb said:
    It amazes me that people watched the debate and still think to themselves, "Trump would make a great president!!"
    The only thing I can think is that there are some people who are just going to vote for the platform.   Those people would have to watch Trump go up to the stage and set Hillary on fire before they can be persuaded to vote for a Democrat.

    I've had these debates with family members and they're either staunchly the above or they think Hillary is worse and their minds are made up.   There is no convincing those who refuse to listen.  
    This is how most of my friends are who are voting for Trump.  It's less about him, and more about the party and their conservative values.  

    The same could be said for some Hillary supporters, including myself.  She's not my favorite person, but I believe in a lot of what she, and the democratic party, stand for, and oppose the republican party's standpoints on many issues.