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    I also have meds for my cold sores. I asked the doctor about it, not the other way around. I get them a lot in winter and wanted them gone ASAP. 

    The doc recommended I take a lysine vitamin if I feel it coming on (or if I've been in dry weather, or got a sunburn, or whatever) and to take valtrex in case of an outbreak. I basically just brought it up at the end of a regular physical when she was like "any other questions?" There's nothing dangerous about cold sores, but if they bother you and you want them gone faster, you can ask your doctor about them. If you know your OBGYN or GP pretty well you could probably just call. 
    I second taking lysine. When I was younger and got them more often I would take lysine once a day and it would take it from 10+ outbreaks a year to about 1 every few years. I don't take it daily anymore, because the one outbreak every few years has remained steady. When I do feel one coming I take a ton of lysine, and grab one of these: https://www.cvs.com/shop/orajel-instant-pain-relief-for-cold-sores-prodid-896072?skuId=896072 

    Usually clears up in 3 days if it ends up popping up at all. 

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    MRDCle said:
    She is not a Pintrest person at all @oliveoilsmom - really not tech savvy at all. All our centerpiece items I'm borrowing from a couple friends, but maybe I could have her help arrange it? I tried to let her know last night, hey we haven't done much, and update her on what we DID do, but I felt awkward. Sigh. I really love her and I don't want her to feel guilty. She told me to apologize to my mom, and tell her that she's sorry if it seemed like she didn't care. SIL just had  a baby today and we've all been moving her and her husband into a new house that needed a lot of work, so she was devoting a lot of time to that, but I don't know - I didn't EXPECT her to be crazy involved.
    MRDCle said:
    I'll try to think of things to get her input on.
    I wouldn't. I would first ask her what she wants to be involved in and then move from there. She may think being "involved" is X but you ask her to do Y.
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    I don't have anything to add except I agree with PPs. What is he doing to ignite passion? He has time to text-flirt with the aunt but not you? He is pushing the blame for HIS action onto you. YOU DIDN'T MAKE HIM DO ANYTHING.
    He CHOSE to flirt with someone while married. That choice was 100% all him. He needs to own it. 

    This must really suck.... I don't have anything that can make it better but know that we are here for you.
  • Re: You know the answer or you wouldn't be asking the question

    A lot of married men have flings and stay married regardless of whether he says his relationship ship is troubled. They never leave that wife but always tell the mistress she's a monster and that they are ending. What you are feeling for this man is wrong and it doesn't make sense that you are pursuing someone unavailable. Even if his relationship truly is that bad... it's probably 30% truth.. you shouldn't chase some married guy. If he gets out he's going to rebound and sleep with a lot of people. He most likely won't jump into a monogamous relationship with you. Just my thoughts 
    You have some big hang ups on trust and cheating.  It might be in your best interest to understand why that is.  May I suggest some counseling?
    Also, may I suggest a wedding website is not the site to continuously discuss how "married men have flings"? Or make sweeping generalizations?