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  • Re: Horror themed wedding ideas

    I think you could easily go with 'American Southern Gothic' aesthetic for a very autumnal and dramatic look without it looking like a themed party. Think burgundy flowers, with greenery, rich jewel tone dresses, candlelight, Careful placement of dark gold embellishments with a rococo/lace feel. Things like this: 

    These pictures are really pretty! But he's more into the whole "slasher movie" type of horror. I don't want my whole wedding to be focused on it though. I was thinking maybe one or 2 minute details that our guests may not even notice, but he would. A family member suggested that when we are introduced as husband and wife during the reception, we have the Michael Myers song play. It's really just a beat without words, so most people probably wouldn't even recognize it as being from the Halloween movies. 
    Uhhhhh there have been 10 movies out in various decades with this song in it and another one coming next year. I would 100% recognize this song regardless of where it was played and would think it very odd if there was nothing else that hinted to this being that type of wedding. 
  • Re: Christian blessing to the 4 directions

    Also, please know that your wedding ceremony is already a unity ceremony. There is no need to add anything else that signifies unity if you are just looking for that because you think you have to have it. 
  • Re: Custom Plastic Ware

    We are doing a barn wedding and having a bartender but we'll be supplying the beer and wine. Therefore we've decided to do plastic cups for beer and tumblers for wine. We'd like to custom ones however with our names, date, so on.. has anyone done this and know good places to do this?
    Are you guys super set on this? If I were a guest I may side-eye the amount of money that took for something that is just going into the trash (I do the same thing for custom napkins). I wonder if that extra money can't go to something that benefits the guests directly?

    Otherwise, discountmugs.com and other promotional products websites offer customized throwaway cups.
  • Re: Getting in Shape

    It's not for everyone, but a friend of mine lost weight doing Keto diet - she calls it 'keto lifestyle' since you're changing so much and you have to be constant - but I think what @MRDCle ; suggested sounds good as well :)

    Juice cleanses don't sound good. You can add healthy smoothies/juices to what you're doing, but maybe also talk to your dr. You might be able to see a nutritionist.
    I'm doing keto right now, and it is hard but doable and I agree that it appears in the community to be more of a lifestyle change than an actual diet. If you aren't consistent or have too much of a "cheat" then it kicks you out of keto and you basically have to work extra hard to get back in to. There is lots of info out there to get someone started, but it takes research too. I haven't started back with my intense workouts yet because I was in keto flu but I can't wait to go back next week and see how that changes things. 
  • Re: Anybody with Wedding Doubts?

    OP has 2 other posts about wedding doubts, so I just assumed it was more of the same.