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    @CharmedPam I don't understand how people don't eat fruits and veggies.  I physically feel ill if I don't have vegetables everyday.  I used to date a guy a million years ago who was an adult that literally only ate pizza and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  Clearly that ended quickly.

    @Starmoon44 it depends on what kind of boat Banana has.  We just sold out 34 foot boat, I'm not sure I would ever be comfortable operating it more than just holding it steady for a minute or two on a straight course.  There are a lot of unpredictables in the water that you need experience for.  We were just out on a friend's 60 foot boat Monday.  No way would I ever operate that, so I was chasing the toddler.

    I agree that infants on the boat are about a zillion times easier than toddlers and small children on a boat!

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    almosthusband said:

    The problem is they won't sit with anyone other than me, my brother, sister-in-law, or my parents. Basically this forces my sister-in-law to watch them. There are no other close family or friends that they are comfortable to be with. As such my sister-in-law would be the one that has to watch them. I mentioned this to my parents and I told them the rabbi suggested (as I believe is common) to either have a family member watch them or have a babysitter - my parents did not agree with either idea and basically said if my 3 year old nephew started making noise they would just pick him up and hold him at the chuppah or take him out. I thought this was crazy as they need to be there and present at my wedding instead of taking care of their grandchildren just for those 20 or 30 minutes. 

    As in their mom??  Why wouldn't she watch her own kids at your wedding?
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    SSDD here.  I went to a new deli at lunch today, delicious.  I'm really pleased with my wrap.  I feel like a lot of local places have been crummy lately.

    My direct boss just asked me to teach a training, which is awesome because we are going to have a new head honcho in January, and the recognition will be nice since we can fire whomever he wants.  Let's hope I don't screw it up!

    LO has been a pill about daycare the past few weeks, getting upset when I drop him off. I'm excited to pick him up and play with him tonight because then DH and I have to go to a fundraiser for the charity in memory of a dear friend who was killed in a freak ambulance accident years ago while transporting a heart attack victim.  It's always a nice time, and a lot of my family will be there which is nice.  It also helps that the venue has delicious food!

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    I appreciate all of you lovely people taking the time to discuss this with me.  I don't have a lot of close friends who aren't part of married couples that we are both friends with so, as you can imagine, it would be an awkward thing to work through with one of them.

    I think boundaries at work are going to be a big part of how this works going forward.  He wants to have a "fun" work environment which I get, but you can have fun, laugh and get along, while still being professional.  Even from just a financial standpoint, I've told him that I'm not comfortable with him buying lunch for the whole office everyday (usually 3 people) and I don't care that his secretary will just eat a ramen if he doesn't get her lunch. . . . she's an adult, that's on her.

    I explained to my husband that maybe some of his perceived lack of passion comes from an insecurity about carrying some extra weight currently.  He has mentioned wanting to lose weight a number of times.  Mind you, he is over 6 feet tall and thinks he is maybe 20 lbs overweight.  He is sexy as hell at this size, or when he is a few pounds lighter, so this is a nonissue to me.  i'll see how he processes that idea.

    We also discussed the possibility of therapy, either together, separate, or both.

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    mrsconn23 said:
    Agreed with all of the above.  Since he does run his own office, is he free to set his hours?  Can he do work from home? 

    I don't see anything wrong with expecting him to be home in evening more often than not and having to help share the kid/dinner/bath/bedtime load.  If there's an issue or they're slammed, that's one thing...but work can be never-ending and it should not be an excuse to escape just because.  

    Also, make a plan to go out with a friend or two in the next month.  Put it on your calendar/communicate it to DH and get out of the house.  

    Furthermore, she can flirt with him all she wants.  But it's on him to have the appropriate reaction to her.  If you have an issue with his interactions with her on his end, it's OK to tell him that him doing X thing makes you uncomfortable.

    Yes.  I trust that he wouldn't act on anything she does.  Maybe I'm just annoyed that someone would be so flirty with a married man.  I know she's not the only one, plenty do it. . . . but she is the first person I've personally encountered doing this in my life.

    He is absolutely swamped at work. . . it's all him.  Some stuff he can do from home once the home office is set up (we just moved) but he gets less done at home because he ends up wanting to veg out on the couch with me in the evenings even thought I don't mind at all if he wants to go into the other room to get work done.  Yesterday he had to be at the office for the computer guy.  (who I've been told spends a lot of time cheating on his wife and being completely inappropriate with most females, to the point of being accused of sexual harassment a few times).  Maybe it was just a perfect storm of bad influences yesterday that brought everything to a head for me!