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    doclago said:
    Why don't you take the help of the bridesmaids and ret a room for 70? I can do it in my area for around $1500 with heavy appetizers. That's roughly $200 per person. You don't have to offer a bar and brunch tends to be less expensive. 
    I thought that etiquette says if you are invited to the wedding you should be invited to the shower. No? 
    That is assuming the bridesmaids offered to contribute $200. She would need to ask them their budgets privately first if they haven't already told her. $200 is a lot of money for some people and IMO unnecessary if the MOH has already so kindly offered to host a party for 50 people. 50 people seems completely reasonable to me.
  • Re: Guests with children

    Just curious about what you mean by "require" guests to stay overnight? I have been to weddings around 2 hours away and I have just driven home after (I didn't drink). If I had a kid I would probably just leave around 9 or 10pm and then go home afterwards. 

    ETA: Or I would get a sitter at home and still drive home that night. Either way, I probably wouldn't get a hotel for "less than 2 hours" away but that is just me.
  • Re: Please critique my idea for a gift for BMs

    Thank you for all of your responses! Both BM's have outdoor pools at their homes and swim frequently in the summer! :)

    I definitely won't use our names or wedding date. I was thinking either their first initials or their monograms. No wedding colors either, just their favorite colors. 

    Thank you again! 
  • Re: Vent: "It's her day"

    This would be me walking in 5" heels.

    Is this really her "vision"? 
  • Re: Reception for Family & Bridal party only?

    Just for some perspective, I just looked up flights from my area to the Bahamas and it would cost me and FI $1200 to fly to the Bahamas, plus we would both need to get passports (another $180), plus a hotel for a few days, and a present for you. I don't know where you or your guests are from so flights may vary slightly, but the point is that it is not only expensive for you to host your guests, but also expensive for guests to come and be there to witness your wedding. 

    I am having a DW also and I know it can get expensive, but I knew that would be the case before I decided on having a DW. In my situation, it's about $130 pp for our dinner. But when I think about how each person could be spending close to $1,000 or more (my DW isn't international) to come and see FI and I get married, I don't think twice about it. 

    Obviously, I don't know your financial situation, BUT, I just wanted to throw that out there. Please find an option that can accommodate all of your guests. I just can't even imagine being in one of your guests shoes if you were to do that to me.