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  • Re: Brides who serve?

    Yeah Ive thought about it, but being enlisted I cant do the beautiful sword arch like an officer, and I just cant seem to think of anything else that I could incorporate into it. Any product out there for that like wedding toppers or whatever are always directed towards the man being in the military and not the woman. i might wear an army garter though, just as a subtle reminder of the soldier I am when Im not in a fancy dress
  • Brides who serve?

    Everytime I see "military brides" its alway the future husband who is serving. However, Im the opposite. I am serving in the United States Army while my fiance is a civilian. I was just wondering, are there any others out there?
  • Re: Wedding Slideshows opinions

    Wow, now I remember why I don't come here often. People are catty!
    Personally, I also think they are cute. However, as some people have said, timing is key. Everyone is there to celebrate your love so I don't see why it should be embarrassing or agonizing to look at pictures of you two, but if it interrupts the flow of the party people might lose interest. I think it works best before the ceremony, that way it helps keep people waiting entertained but doesn't hold up dinner or dancing.
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    Saying that you don't like something is fine. Saying it makes someone an attention w****e IS catty.
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    If you invert the anniversary dance it feels more inclusive. Find out the longest married couple and if they are comfortable being announced, and that starts it. Say they are married 53 years. So fifty or more come on the dance floor. Fourty or more. Down the line until "married an hour and 29 minutes or whatever" and then call everyone else (you don't have to say singles). That way it is filling the dance floor, not clearing it, and still honors those long lived relationships (it doesn't even have to be marries, you could just say couple who have been together for so many years).