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  • Re: Starting period day of wedding debate

    My bff was pregnant at her wedding, so for her this theory is 100% incorrect ;)
    I was going to say...

    I've been married twice. Wedding #1 I was like 4 months pregnant so definitely no period for me 

    Wedding #2 I finished my monthly like 3-4 days before the wedding.
  • Re: I think you're over-thinking this.

    I quite literally just went through this. I started a new job when I was 12 weeks along, having no intention of telling them until my 3 month probationary period ended because I really need the $$. Plus to qualify for government maternity benefits here in Alberta, you must work a minimum of 600 hours during the 52 weeks prior to applying.

    My probation ended January 16th. Yesterday I met with HR and today I informed my supervisor. Here we are only required to provide 6 weeks written notice that we intend to begin maternity leave. I have decided, after speaking with HR, to be generous and give my notice 10 weeks in advance, as my department is grossly understaffed and this might give the plant manager a nudge to hire some more staff. 

    I don't feel guilty at all,and thus far the reaction has been positive and supportive (although we shall see how upper management reacts when they get official notice).  Even though I am 26 weeks along, nobody guessed because of my build and choice of clothing. 

    And not not to be crass, but 8 weeks pregnant isn't that far along. I wouldn't tell anyone anything until *at least* 12 weeks, if the guilt is really eating LW that badly. 12 weeks is a perfectly understandable and socially acceptable waiting period, because first trimester loss is real and common. I would still hold off as long as is feasible. Especially if it's likely that the boss will react poorly.  I mean we all need to eat and pay bills. Unless she is doing this job just for fun or to pass time, I don't get being so guilt-ridden. 

  • Re: Apple Cider Vinegar

    All they need is a big ol bowl of grass and leaves hillbilly bajingo wash

  • Re: Apple Cider Vinegar

    I put it in my chickens waterer to keep algae from growing. It's also a natural way to keep them from getting some common chicken ailments (apparently, I don't know but it works for the algae anyway). That's the only legit purpose I have found for it LOL

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  • Re: Cheapest Weddings - Netflix

    justsie said:
    I'm intrigued and may watch it, lol. I just hate how people don't realize that cheap does not mean defrayed costs. Everything costs money!

    Cheap-- catering pasta and fried chicken instead of filet mignon.
    Being an asshole-- couple doesn't pay for food and instead asks for potluck. 
    Yeah this show should be called "Being an asshole at your wedding"
    Or "It's YOUR DAY!  Do what you like"