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    Did he get to call someone else do you know? If it makes you feel any better, I got three phone calls at BCT. I called H each time, but once he was at work and couldn't really talk. It really wasn't that big a deal for me. Phone calls were awesome, but they were kind of distracting too. 

    I'm not going to say you're overreacting, but you can't let this affect you to the point where you're heartbroken or it's too much to bear. Write lots of letters (some of the guys in my platoon had girlfriends who wrote a letter a day and they got them when we had mail call every few days). Letters kept me going more than phone calls because phone calls were rare and I could reread letters. 

    Keep in mind it's just training. Let this be practice for you for when/if he deploys. Depending on his job, he might not get to call often then either.  
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    Yes 4 people can perform the sabre ceremony. Yes anyone that has received an HONORABLE discharge rates to wear their uniform. It doesn't matter if they EASed after their first enlistment, or retired, they rate the uniform if, and only if, they received an HONORABLE discharge (absolutely NO dishonorable or other than honorable discharges).  If you are having the ceremony on or near a military installation, one of the base Chaplains usually has sabres for ceremonies. They usually allow you to borrow them. If you are NOT having your ceremony near a military installation, and not everyone has a sabre, you can contact your local VFW, American Legion, and Reserve units that are near the ceremony site. They may have some to borrow. They may even have people who might be interested in performing the ceremony! I know when we discussed the sabre ceremony, several men from the local VFW were interested (which we may still do, not sure). How cool is that to have Korean and Vietnam vets celebrating your big day?! At least we thought it would be awesome.
    Actually, 670-1 says that retirees may wear their uniform when performing instructor duties at an ROTC or similar, at a military funeral, memorial, wedding, and other occasion or ceremony, attending parades on holidays or other patriotic parades in which current members are taking part.  670-1 also says that former Soldiers, non retirees, may only wear their uniforms if they served honorably during a declared or undeclared war, in the same situations as above, taking out the ROTC situation. 
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    I guess I don't feel I should say for privacy sake but if you're wondering if he's even allowed to do it, That's not the issue :)
    Yes, because I'm going to look up 2LT Knottie67868874 in AKO. And I figure he's a non prior service 2LT, because that's the only person who'd have his fiancee or girlfriend find the answer to something he ought to be coordinating. I didn't post the manual so you'd have to understand Army regs, I posted it because he should be looking there. This is his job to coordinate. 
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    It warms my bitter icy heart to see everyone saying the same, correct thing. 
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    Chaplains are governed by the rules of their faith. So if you want a Catholic chaplain to marry you in a parking lot, he'd have to get special dispensation to do so. But they're not chained to base worship centers.

    Keep in mind if the chaplain does it, he's taking personal time to do so. We couldn't find a chaplain who wasn't a complete mysogynist who would do it on a Saturday so we got a civilian. And I was married on military property.