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  • Re: Where to find Groomswomen Tuxes!

    Hi! My fiance and I are getting married next summer and both of us have large bridal parties. His side even includes two of his close female friends.
    We think (and the girls agree) that it would look so cool if they were in tuxes with the rest of the groomsmen.
    I had already found a service that does female tux rental (Stitch and Tie) but they only have a black tux available for women and my fiance has decided to be difficult and pick a navy blue tux.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Would it be possible for them to wear a men's suit and for it to be still cute? Neither are particularly curvy. I have no experience in this area.
    If they're actually okay with this, then try Express. SO just bought a navy tux and had to return it because the jacket was "extra slim" and the jacket seriously looked like it was closer to a 30 over a 36. Express has a lot of "extra slim" fits for men that might translate to women well with some alteration. That's for purchase though, obviously. They are having their 40-50% off sales right now, but it would still be pricey. 
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    The adults liked to play poker and black jack. The parents would give us a handful of change and let us play a few rounds with the adults before we were sent off with our winnings and a deck of cards.  Now this is pretty bad, but, the men would occasionally smoke cigars and any child game enough to take a drag off a cigar was allowed. One puff would cause coughing and tearing and lots of laughter. No kid ever wanted a second drag. We all survived and still love each other and still have a blast on the rare occasions when we are together. It's sounds strange to some, I'm sure, but it was a wonderful childhood.

    Hmmm...pretty bad?  Or, perhaps, very wise ;).  I could see a bad experience with smoking at a young age leaving a strong subconscious aversion to it.
    This exact thing happened to me. When I was 4, my dad had a cigar from some event or another and let me take a drag on it. I coughed and cried and threw up. My mom was raging pissed. My dad chuckled and said "yep, that's really what smoking is like, bet you won't do it again, will you?" And I didn't. 
    Literally the same thing happened to me. My uncle gave me a cigar and it was the worst. I felt so sick. And I have never been tempted to smoke since. 
  • Re: TGI Get me out of this week!

    @short+sassy SO and I have been trying to save some money, so we've adopted a "only eat what's left in the fridge/cabinets" philosophy since Thanksgiving. I don't think I've ever seen it so bare. We've only been buying things like bananas and the occasional protein for weeks. 

    I called right at 8 so thankfully it only took me a half hour instead of the 2-3 I was dreading. CC told me that the medicare thing happens all the time and is usually a glitch on their end. So they fixed it and I'm able to enroll now. I'm still kind of worried, but at last I can get health insurance. 
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  • Re: TGI Get me out of this week!

    I’m so glad this week is over. Yesterday sucked. I had a complicated patient/family yesterday and I literally had zero charting done at the end of my shift because of it. So I had to stay until almost ten to finish. Plus someone took my freaking lunch home with them thinking it was theirs, so I finally got a lunch break only to discover I didn’t have any food and the cafeteria was closed. So I had a hangry melt down. To top it all off, I’m going per diem at my job, so I have to sign up for health insurance again. I went through the covered CA website only to have it tell me I’m not eligible for any plans because I’m alreay using Medicare benefits. Um, wtf, no. My identity was stolen over a year ago, so now I’m worried that someone is using my social for benefits. It could be a mix up, but I just don’t have that much faith in humanity.  Calling CC will be super fun today. They’re a nightmare to get a hold of. 

    I’m just really glad I get to have a drink tonight. SO’s sister and her bf are coming over tonight. The guys are going to see Star Wars and she and I are going to hang out and have a drink or two. Tomorrow is SO’s Christmas party. 

    @kimmiinthemitten That sucks about the van. I probably would have lost it. 

    @charlotte989875 I hope the car is a cheap and easy fix! 

    @thefanciestbeckler happy birthday!!!