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  • Re: Friday.....Friday October 13th

    Work is calling me to come in. I'll be tempted if it's crisis pay. Otherwise my plans are gym, cleaning the house, and hopefully relaxing a little bit. Yesterday was so busy at work. They closed one of the units for the day and moved the remaining patients/nurses in with us, and man, there is one person who was just exhausting us all. She's the type of person who literally never stops talking. It doesn't even have to be talking TO someone. She'll just sit next to you, talking to herself. And she's so loud and opinionated, totally micromanaging people around her. When she left it seriously was 50% less stressful. 

    Other than that, yesterday wasn't terrible. I came home and SO watched Wonder Woman for the first time with me. I really do like that movie. And it's a nice break from our nightly shows we watch. 

    @charlotte989875 good luck at the race! 
  • Re: Am i going crazy?

    I have to agree with PPs. I think you were right to feel off, and this whole "well YOU need to be more passionate and make me feel desired" is complete bullshit. Talk about gas lighting. I'm sorry @kaos16.  
  • Re: Carrot Cake/Groom Cake

    Count me as another person who likes carrot cake, but doesn't like the nuts in it (or when people put raisins in it). Carrot cake is actually nice to have around because sometimes I want something a little sweet, but not like chocolate cake sweet. 
  • Re: "Get a hobby"

    Pinterest (for cooking ideas/decorating)

    Grad school has pretty much killed all of my hobbies though. Send help.
  • Re: Thursdayyyyyyyy

    I get so annoyed with people who try to push their lifestyle on you. Cool, it works for you. Don't assume everyone is that way. I think the parents who think their kids are angels with rainbows for poop annoy me the most though. BFF is one of those. I almost can't talk to her anymore. She sent me a picture of her nine month old on a small toilet the other day. "Look! He's so smart he's already using it!" No he is not. Stop it. 

    I always appreciate people who are real about their lives, and who don't lose their identity when they have children. One of my other good friends is great about that. She'll send me a text of a broken banana and say "he just threw a forty five minute tantrum because his banana broke and he couldn't put it together again. My kid's an asshole." But our conversations don't constantly revolve around her kid. I can appreciate that, especially as someone who's not exactly pro-children to begin with.