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  • Re: Is Convalidation not the Sacrament of Marriage?

    It's my impression that convalidation is really for either new-comers or those coming back into the faith. Its intent is not for a Catholic couple (active or not) that wants to get married on a beach or by a friend in a park or something to be able to then come back and get "Catholic-married," or blessed. Especially if that's the original plan. It's more so for those who have fallen away from the Church, gotten married, and want to again be in full Communion with the Church. Likewise, if a protestant or non-religious couple is married and then later converts to Catholicism, to me that's the real purpose of convalidation. Obviously, intent is a very gray area. I just wanted to add my two cents. 
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    I've been to both cities a bunch of times and can say you can't make a bad choice between them :) Personally, I fell in love with Savannah because it's more underrated than Charleston, and came with more surprises because of it. Charleston is definitely a more popular tourist location- but that comes with higher cost and MUCH more traffic because of it, too. I obviously don't know you or what you want your getaway to be like, but the no-open-container law in Savannah certainly doesn't hurt! You will be happy with either, but Savannah definitely is my favorite, personally!
  • Re: Good everyday dishware?

    I registered for and absolutely love the Gordan Ramsay line from Royal Doulton. There are basic sets, and a bunch of matching pieces (roasters, serving bowls, etc). There are a few colors. I actually got both a light blue and a plain white. I love the colored look, but I realized it's easier to dress up a table all year long using white plates and then sticking with whatever's in season with table cloths, etc.

    That is the yuppiest sounding thing I've ever said/thought/wrote/pixelated.
  • Re: Church Frustrations

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    Wow ladies, way to stick the knife in and THEN twist it 360 degrees. I get it, this is all your opinions. Think about how you would be feeling if you were in my shoes and this was the most important day of your life that you had been waiting for for 9 years with the man you love. I am only having a Mass, ladies. I am having a dinner afterwards for our close family and friends. I am fully involved in the sacrament and i know that the church is not just a vendor. This is my wedding, and the only time In my life I am allowed to have such standards. This wedding is on my dime .We realize what is important. I wanted to vent because I was frustrated that the person presiding over the mass wasn't available when I had questions or concerns. I will not have a first dance, a bouquet toss, a dollar about you tell me to get over myself now?
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    ... This is a website entirely dedicated to weddings and brides and all that. Do you not think this was/is the same for all of us? Also, the "good money you're spending on a donation" should be a DONATION, not a reason your church is owed to be at your beck and call. Also, if you wanted to vent, then don't ask for help, or be upset when the help is not the answer you want to hear.
  • Happy Weekend :) :)

    Congrats to the Firsts of the August brides! I hope you have an amazing time this weekend and share lots of pics with us! 

    I'm leaving later today to begin my drive home for the wedding next week! AHHH!!