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  • Re: Can Sheet Cake Help Cut Time and Costs of Traditional Cake?

    I still vote you cut a big cinnamon roll. I think it would be adorable
    I actually know someone who did this! They had cinnamon rolls instead of cake. The MOG and MOB both made some. One of them made some of them in three or four different sized round pans so they could be stacked like a layer cake! Very neat and different. 

    You can find pictures if you google "cinnamon roll wedding cake."
  • Re: Am i going crazy?

    I'm sorry, but his response is WRONG! When he feels the passion going, the correct response is not "Hey, next pretty lady I see, how YOU doin'?" The correct response is, "kaos, I feel like the passion is going out of our relationship. What can >>>WE<<< do to change that?"

    I need romance to be passionate, and my husband and I have discussed this. We've basically had the conversation above. My husband sometimes says it feels like we're just roommates. Well, it's hard for me to get in the mood when we're "just roommates" who have sex. My husband needs to "emotionally cheat" with me. Send me flirty text messages to let me know you're thinking of me while you're at work. Take me out to lunch. Take me out to drinks. Buy me gifts. 

    How in the world does he expect the passion to get better if he's spending all his emotional energy on someone else? What the what?! That makes literally no sense at all!!!

    ETA: I have a four-month-old. It's even more important to work on being close when you have children. I'm a SAHM so I need him to come home and help with her. I love her, but at the end of the day, I just need to plop her on him and not have to hold her for a bit!
  • Re: Thank you.

    I just had a baby and have frequented The Bump, and even there, no one posts all the ultrasound pics they were given! One is perfectly sufficient for a baby board, and no one really cares over here. Honestly, I'm not interested in anyone's ultrasound pics but my own. They all look the same. 
  • Re: Opinion: What exactly makes a bride a "bridezilla"?

    *snip*". It annoyed my husband and I because we knew they wouldn't be covering their guests plate costs, and we were already on a SUPER TIGHT BUDGET. 

    Pray tell me how the guests are supposed to know how much you spent? It's incredibly tacky to go on about that so people know. 
  • Re: Carrot Cake/Groom Cake

    levioosa said:
    Count me as another person who likes carrot cake, but doesn't like the nuts in it (or when people put raisins in it). Carrot cake is actually nice to have around because sometimes I want something a little sweet, but not like chocolate cake sweet. 
    Eeeewwwwww! I dislike raisins in general, but they especially do NOT, under any circumstance, belong in dessert! My H likes oatmeal raisin cookies. Umm, no.