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    Around here a snow day is code for "POWDER DAY" everyone gets to go skiing/snowboarding.
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    @6fsn -     My sister's youngest is 16 now, but I remember her texting/calling me saying the same thing about her kids.     She would always start "I love my kids".  Then go on to say "they are fucking driving me crazy." and then rant about she wanted them to go back to school ASAP.   The joys of parenting.    - congrats on the shout outs.

    Today is my "Saturday".   Not sure what I'm going to be doing.   It's Gay Ski Week and the today's party is at our restaurant.   I'm contemplating going up to checking up on the party (and my staff since this will be the busiest day they have had without me being there).   But do I really want to go to my work?   

    Tomorrow morning (also day off) I'm hiking up there with some members from the club.   Although, this will be early in the morning before we are really open. (we give free coffee and hot chocolate before 10am, so i can take advantage of that).   It's my off-day workout.

    But then again a party is a party and Gay Ski Week is always a fun time around here.  I like day drinking too.     Such FWP I have - ha.

    Life is otherwise good.  DH just got a great raise.  He actually would prefer me NOT to work this summer.  Or just only do the hikes.    Part of me is like "cool".  Last year I was working 7 days a week.  I got some hiking in (outside of my guide work), but I would have liked to have done much more.  

    The other part likes having my own "money".   DH has always been the bread winner.  My salary basically pays for utilities, phones, personal stuff and fun.  He pays for everything else (including saving).  It's a strange system for most people to understand, but it works for us.  

    I told him if I wasn't going to work this summer I wanted him to deposit money into my account on his payday so I can still feel like I have my "own money" to spend as I will.   He said he is on board with that concept.  

    Also, DH works a LOT in the summer.  As in most summers he works 14 hour days/7 days a week and will not take a day off until Aug.   I like working the summers because he's not around anyway.  

    For those who do not know, I work a few months in the summer and winter.  I'm off from mid-Apr until June.  Then again from Oct to begin of Dec.    So it's not like I work full-time anyway.  I make enough during those 2 seasons to cover my off-seasons.    It's a win-win for me.
  • Re: I can't tell if I'm being a bitch...

    Outside of my dress I had no problem sharing anything with people.  Guests included.  I'm pretty sure my husband talked about details about our wedding to his brother and he wasn't even getting married.   I did the same with my sister.  IDK, normal sibling talk if you are some-what close.  

    As a guest I can't say I've been surprised or even excited by items like colors of BM dresses or what was served for dinner.

    Sure each wedding will be unique, but there will be comparisons with weddings so being so close with crossover guests.  

    IDK, I don't think every little detail needs to be shared, but I don't see the big deal of sharing some information like BM dress colors and menu items?  

       Song lists, details of your dress, the details of the ceremony.  Yeah, that gets a little too much.  But basics, why not?   
  • Re: Food dilemma!

    Very simple.  My husband is a fine dining executive chef.   Food is not only important, but it's his life.

    Buffets were out of the question.  He flat out refuses to eat off a buffet, to the point he will not eat at a wedding that has one.  Not that he complains, he knows it's his issue.  He just eats before and after.

    Being a professional chef he knows how large groups eat.    The more people you have, the more different issues/restrictions you will have.  Simple is best.

    In our case we stuck to a duo of filet and crab cake with a simple mixed green salad as the 2nd course.    We also had a vegetarian option (can't remember what it was).  We had 2 people who had shellfish allergies and so they got 2 filets.    2 others didn't like filet and got 2 crab cakes.

    Cocktail hour is were we took risks.  We had a simple veggie and cheese station.  Then we had 12 different hot and cold apps.  Some stuff we had were bacon wrapped dates, ruben wellingtons and a bunch of stuff I can't remember right now (including vegetarian items).   We also had a full raw bar (shrimp, mussels, oysters, crab claws and sushi).

    Good food doesn't have to be complicated.   If possible I would go with action stations.  Try a pasta station and a craving station for simpler options.  Then take risks on sides and cocktail hour foods.
  • Re: Rehearsal Dinner: Do I need one?

    As someone who was raised Catholic, but not longer practicing, I find you plans offensive to the Catholic church.

    The Catholic church considers marriage a Sacrament and it should not be taken lightly.

    My parents and MIL are still practicing Catholics they really wanted us to get married in a Catholic Church.  That is not want DH and I wanted.  It was OUR wedding and and we had the ceremony WE wanted.      Which was a wedding on the beach (well the beach part was cancelled because of a tropical storm).

    Were our parents disappointed?  Hell yeah, but they respected OUR choice not to pretend to be Catholic and basically lying to a priest about our real intentions.

    I would be surprised if a priest would marry you knowing about your self described "real wedding".     The church considers the sacrament of marriage the "real wedding" and wouldn't be to happy you don't think it would be considered a "real wedding".