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  • Re: photographer just announced pregnancy

    At first I was thinking why not go with option 2 if you can get the shooter you like but then PP made good points that if she can't be there her husband probably can't either.

    Also I agree with PPs that you finding out through FB about this and having to reach out to her is a red flag. We chose our photographer because we loved his photos and album styles and he was super friendly and it felt like our personalities clicked. He was great for our wedding but communication with his office to get our photos and our album has been atrocious. If I had a dollar for every time they said they'd call me back that afternoon and didn't I'd have the amount we payed them... Ok not really but they are awful. So I would just caution you against using someone who shows poor customer service no matter how great their photos are. Also our photographer was supper communicative until we gave the last payment which was due a week before the wedding.
  • Re: Fork in the unwanted pregnancy road

    I get really annoyed when people say they did everything to prevent pregnancy. Sorry everyone knows bc isn't 100% effective and accidents happen. 

    Im pro choice so I think the only person who can make this decision is LW and her husband.

    Considering they are married I'm surprised they never talked and made a decision about this before it happened. Before we got married DH and I had a good conversation on what we'd do if an accident occurred and had a plan. 

    While I can understand LW being worried or upset I'm kind of shocked she used the term devastated. It's also a little disgusting that her first reason is they won't be able to travel. I mean to each is own and she has the right to choose I just hope she takes the time to consider her options a little further than their next vacation... 

    I think she really needs her husband to weight in with more of an opinion than whatever you decide dear. They are married and did make this kid together. 
  • Re: :-O

    I would no longer associate with family who made my child feel like an "other". That's not family in my book. 
  • Re: Parking Passes

    My friend sent out parking passes with invites and I totally left mine on the fridge... Good news was I was already planning on riding with another friend so luckily she remembered hers. If it is possible to hand them out at your venue that'd be ideal but if the case was like my friend's (you needed the pass to get in or you had to pay) then I think it's ok to mail it and have an insert explaining they need it for parking or will have to pay $X. If they forget it, it's on them. I certainly wouldn't have been upset at the couple b/c I forgot mine, I should have made a list or packed sooner so not having it was my bad.
  • Re: I have everything I want, except this one tiny thing, and I'm obsessing about it.

    What a jerk! I'm sure he knew this was her style before he proposed so why is he expecting her to change now?

    I like wearing makeup and curling my hair on occasion but the norm for me is no makeup hair in a bun. DH always says I don't need makeup and I'm pretty sure I've gotten more compliments in yoga pants and a T-shirt then when I'm all dressed up. That is what LW's fiance deserves.