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  • Re: October outdoor wedding.. to cold?

    It's funny that you posted this because I have my date for October 17, 2014. We were planning on having our ceremony outside and moving the reception indoors afterwards. Recently, I mean as recently as last week, I had a sudden panic attack thinking, what if it's too cold for people to sit outside during our ceremony?! 

    Now, your entire reception is outside from what I'm reading? It MAY (but who knows with the weather these days) be a little too chilly to have a 5-6 hour reception outside the entire time. Would you at all consider having the ceremony outside and moving the reception part indoors? If not, I recommend lots of heating lamps!
  • Re: October 18th, 2014

    One day before you, October 17th! Congratulations!! 
  • Re: Family Won't Attend Wedding

    The wedding is between the two of you, but the marriage will involve your family. In order to have a Catholic Mass, you must promise to raise your children Catholic -- and that's part of the marriage vows. It's not just your FI getting his sacramental union; you're part of this, too. Is that going to be a problem for your parents/grandparents?

    Also, no disrespect meant, but Catholics and Protestants have very different dogmatic and doctrinal views; views that are incompatible with each other. They're certainly very close, but the Liturgy of the Eucharist in Catholic churches is substantially different than what Protestants believe about communion. 

    This is not true, at least according to the priest that I have grown up as being a pastor of my church. I was born and raised Catholic, and my fiancé is born and raised Protestant. This weekend we spoke with my pastor to discuss how I can receive the sacrament being that my future husband is Protestant. There is NO contract saying that you HAVE to raise your children Catholic, according to him. We both have to promise that we will try to have our children baptized in the Catholic Church, but in no way are we making a promise that we absolutely will. Just FYI to OP. 

    *Edited for clarity.
  • Re: Soo, I think I have found my new favorite wedding board!

    @pandpmeant2be the Brownstone is not at all settling!! I never went to see the venue, but I have heard WONDERFUL things about it! My mom's good friend's daughter is having her wedding there in April. Thank you, I know you will have a beautiful day too! :) 
  • Re: student brides :)

    Hi everyone! First of all, I want to introduce myself because even though I have been a member of The Knot since I got engaged last year, I never really payed too much attention to so many of the boards, but something tells me I should've gone here from the start!

    Anyway, I'm 22 years old and I am from NJ. I am getting married on October 17, 2014. I am graduating in two weeks (I'm taking my VERY last GenEd - yes, GenEd, talk about procrastinating!) and I majored in Fashion Marketing and Business Administration, and I am also a certified makeup artist! I met my FI when we were 13 years old, but we were always just very close friends, in fact he was one of my very best friends because he knew me so well. I always had a thing for him but I kind of figured he would never date me since we were so close and also, I was kind of bad (partied too much!) in high school and I just knew it would never work. Basically, loonng story short, one night after we graduated high school, he poured his heart out to me and told me how I was the girl he always wanted but never though he could have (aww) and we started dating soon after! :) Three and a half years later, so my junior year of college, he proposed! 

    My fiance graduated a year before me and studied Criminal Justice and wants more than anything to be a police officer in NJ or NYC, but it is incredibly hard for anyone trying to be a cop in the tri-state area. I feel so awful for him :( He has been out of school for two years and even though he tries and tries and goes on multiple tests, he never lands the job. When he was 18, before we started dating  - and I know this since we were best friends - he was considering the military, but the plans fell through. He is considering the Air Force once again, but no decision has been made yet.

    I just landed my dream job at a marketing/distribution firm in NJ, so this is my last week as an Assistant Manager in retail! Soo bittersweet but I'm still celebrating the end of my retail days! 

    Sorry for such a long post!! Figured I might as well introduce myself while I'm here. :) Even though being young and engaged has its moments where it's hard (as we all know), between the finances and work and finishing up school and of course the snarky comments by most (this week I just got "well you don't LOOK old enough to be married" - excuse me?), I wouldn't want to be anywhere else at the point in my life. I love my future husband, and I know you girls do too! Best of luck to all of you!! I can't wait to talk to you all more on here. :)
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