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  • Re: what song are your bridesmaids walking down the aisle to?

    Mcsweets said:
    Our party is walking down to Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath
    I love Love Never Fails! One of my bridesmaids studied vocals in college and is a singer, so she will be singing it at our ceremony. Great pick!
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  • Re: No Idea Who Gave this Gift- what to do?

    We received a very generous gift, but could not understand the signature on the card! It was just basically a line, without any other note attached to it. No idea who it came from. I tried to contact Bed Bath and Beyond (the registry it came off) and they told us they were not allowed to give out the name of the person who purchased it. So I guess I am in the same boat of waiting to see if someone mentions it. I feel so bad about the situation.. but what do you do! Note to self - ALWAYS make signature legible on a card from this moment on.
  • Re: Coloured shoes for bridesmaids?

    southernbelle0915 said:
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    aefitz29 said:
    It really wasn't, I have been a part of several weddings. Shoes were purchased some specific and some not. It is pretty normal for bridesmaids to buy shoes. It also really is not a big deal at all and I never heard a single complaint from anyone. If they aren't expensive there shouldn't be a big fuss over it especially when the bridesmaids said they like the idea!
    Exactly! It's not like she was asking them to buy Louboutins or anything!!! Chances are, the girls were going to have to buy a pair of shoes anyway.

    @mobkaz and that's fine. Do what you want. I still do what I want and I couldn't care less if you like me, agree with me, or whatever. I do what I want!

    I'm also from the South and will agree wholeheartedly with you. It's not about the bride being rude, bossy or self absorbed, it's about the bridesmaids doing what the bride wants because it's her special day and they want to make her happy. I did have my girls wear identical blue shoes. I paid for them all, but they all said they would be more than happy to reimburse me for their pair. And I paid for their hair and makeup, and again they thanked me and all said they would wear their hair and makeup in whatever style would make me happy since it was my wedding day. I am pretty laid back and all that was important to me was they were in matching dresses and shoes, and where I am from it is pretty common for girls to wear matching dresses/shoes, and most BMs do pay for them. You asked these girls to be in the bridal party and they accepted knowing there would be some costs associated with that. I am not saying the bride should pick out a dress or shoes that are outrageously priced and except all the girls to be able to afford that but if it is within reason I don't know that I think it should be a problem.
    Bridesmaids doing whatever the bride wants is not a regional thing. It's not a southern thing. In fact, good manners and being unimposing on other people are key elements of southern hospitality. Making your (general you) friends do whatever you want and using the excuse that you're getting married is not polite no matter where you are. 

    The polite way to go about this as a bride is to ask each BM privately what their budget is for a dress. Then the bride can choose a dress at the lowest budget so that everyone is comfortably accommodated. Add-ons like shoes, hair, make-up - if the bride wants to OFFER to pay for them, fine. But a BM can certainly say "I'd be more comfortable wearing my own shoes." or "I'd rather not get my hair/make-up done, but thank you for offering to pay for it." And if the BM declines, that's that. The point is that BMs can decline and it doesn't mean they don't want to see the bride happy, or they're revolting in some way. It's really not that deep.

    I think it's very nice that you paid for shoes, hair and make-up for your BMs and that they were happy. However, it's not ok for 1) brides to demand that their BMs pay for these things or 2) that the bride pay for it and demand that they get it done. 
    I agree with what you are saying, my whole point with my post is I never had to force my bridesmaids to do anything. They all proactively came to me asking "how do you want us to do our hair", "how do you want our makeup done", "Where should we get our shoes/dresses?". And I know I would do the same for any of my girlfriends. It's the bride's special day and I would try and do anything in my power to make that happen for her. I would sacrifice one night of uncomfortable shoes for my best  friend if the shoes meant that much to her. And for hair and makeup (which they were all very excited about, nobody felt forced into it), I did not make them all do the same hairstyle or makeup. They all ended up doing the same make-up, but that was their choosing. I think the pictures came out great so I am definitely a proponent of matching shoes/dresses, but that's just me.
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  • Re: Oct. 5th brides!!

    A few photos from our October 5th wedding. The first photo is the only one we have gotten back from our photographer, the rest were from family & friends. Congrats Oct 5th brides!!
  • Re: Opening gifts solo?

    Our first registry gift arrived today from one of my wonderful in-laws. My fiancé is currently deployed in the Navy and won't be home for another x months (lol, finally down to x months!) I have asked him what he would like me to do - open it or wait for him to be home, and no answer yet. In the meantime, I'll keep it unopened until or unless I hear otherwise. 

    But I was just curious. What have you or your military friends done with registry items?
    We had a similar situation. During our engagement I was in Texas and my fiance was stationed at Quantico. Since I opened gifts at bridal showers, I waited for him to open some when he finally made it up before the wedding. After seeing his excitement when opening wedding gifts for the kitchen and such (I guess he doesn't get excited over bowls and plates like I do) he told me he didn't care to open them. I did want to make sure he felt included, but based on our conversations it didn't seem that he was too interested.