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  • Re: Should I remove the sleeves from my wedding gown?

    If I'm seeing the pictures correctly, it looks like there's already a seam at the top of the sleeve which would make removing the sleeves not that huge of a deal. What i wouldn't do would be trying to manipulate the shape to make straps or a v-neck. Making straps would affect the way the back looks also. I'd say bring it to a seamstress, tell them you don't like the sleeves and see what suggestions they offer. A professional should be able to give you reasonable advice.
  • Re: Paying for a Bridal Shower Discussion

    CMGragain said:

    megtownxx said:

    So I was at a bridal shower this weekend, and a few of us were just chatting about showers in general. One girl was saying how she's a BM in an upcoming wedding (there's 10 BMs BTW...) and a family member emailed them all asking for $500 EACH. AND THE BRIDE WAS CC'ED.

    When I heard this I knew I had to post it on this board. Have any of you heard of this before?

    I hope she said "No!" to the request for money.

    she responded privately with the amount that she was comfortable paying and i think the other "friend" BMs did the same.

    i didn't say that 5 of the BMs were friends and the other 5 were family, so i think the parents were covering the family BMs portion? i dk, it was so effed up.
  • Re: Requesting cash rather than gifts

    Bahahahaha WHAT? Deposit money into an account? Did they send an email to their guests claiming that if they just deposit a gift into this account, they'll be rewarded with a large sum of money they just had the amazing fortune of receiving??

    Okay but seriously, that's plain rude and weird. Don't register, I don't care about honeymoon registries but they're generally not regarded well. Plus a lot of those online sites are taking cuts and guests don't realize that. Without registering, most will likely send money anyways.
  • Re: EDIT: What does the label "wedding" mean to you?

    banana468 said:

    Knottie1459048711, are your parents OK with you not being religiously married?   Are they OK knowing that your marriage is recognized in the US?  

    I don't understand the mentality that parents are really religious so they want you to have a religious ceremony and in the same breath they don't want anyone to know what you already did.   Lying is also against their religion too.

    Ultimately, are YOU okay with it? At the end of the day, you have to live with your choices, whether it's making your parents unhappy, lying to your family or avoiding both.
  • Re: EDIT: What does the label "wedding" mean to you?

    Just to contribute to the conversation for fun, my biggest peeve about these situations is the dishonesty aspect. Like actively trying to conceal from your family and guests in order to convey that you're not married, legally or however else you want to define it. If you want a party, have a frickin party. Call it a vow renewal, call it a welcome home, do what you want. Just don't lie to people. It's bad juju and tacky af IMO.
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