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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! @charlieray-2 I can’t wait to see pictures. :)
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    Damn Banana, hope the day turns around for you!!

    MKD, I Awww’ed so hard at BabyKitten. Love it!
  • Tuesday.

    Oct 17 Pisces: It will be difficult to get anything personal done if you involve too many people. When it comes to working alone, motivation is the hardest part, but after you get motivated you can work much faster than you would with a group.

    Hi. How is everyone?
    my day has been good, though my house is still a mess. I met friends for yoga at 10:30 and we were surprised with Bikram instead of what it was supposed to me. Bikram isn’t my top choice anyway but the instructor was irritating as well so kind of a bust. Glad I went though. Then I went for a massage in the afternoon. I went to a body toning class on Monday that kicked my ass so after that and the yoga, I figured a massage would be good. Plus it was the free part of a BOGO.
    I made chicken tortellini soup for dinner using spinich and ricotta tortellinis and leftover chicken. Now DH and I are watching Die Hard, which is described by the TV as Wife, Christmas, Party.
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    Another update lol 
    I spoke to the bridal shop alterations and she quoted me for taking it in, doing the hem, bustle, fixing the cups about 525 so I figure to line the front and add buttons it won't be too much more. I think you ladies were right about 1000 maybe 1100. 
    My anxiety has lessened about this thankfully.
    Going off of how my body looked when I was 40lbs skinnier, I know I will probably be a standard dress size 6-8 which would make me a bridal 10-12 , that's only 2 to 3 sizes smaller than what I ordered so I think the structure will be ok. --Kinda stinks they required me to order what the largest part of me measured at, its an odd rule--

    Thank you so much everyone! 
    Once I get the final pricing for alterations I am going to add it for other brides to review. 
    that is because it is much easier to take something in than to let it out/ add more fabric.
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    DH and I are binge watching MindHunter on Netflix. I think you would like it. Fiction but Ed Kemp is portrayed pretty accurately.