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  • Re: 90 Day Fiancé *spoiler alert*

    @kvruns oh well that goood????? *skeptical face* @*Barbie* said she thought he was a wealthy American so apologies if I was way off base. Like I said, can’t actually watch the show (but love it). I swear I am going to take a secret vacation back to the states, tell no one, hole up in a hotel somewhere and binge watch MTV and TLC, lol.
  • Re: 90 Day Fiancé *spoiler alert*

    Speaking of all the creepiness and arrest records, I really wish they didn't air this show in other countries, lol.  They're really not picking the "best and the brightest" for U.S. citizen representation.  To put it mildly!     
    If it makes you feel any better, we don’t get it here; much to my dismay. But we do have Fox News so not much better, lol.

    eta: please keep updating because I am ‘watching’ vicariously through y’all.
     And Re: to people staying because they think so-n-so is a rich American. I BLOWS MY MIND what some people think about America. The propaganda machine is working full steam over seas. You can actually see their minds break when you explain to them the reality of health care, education, women’s mortality rate during childbirth, voting laws, tax laws, etc. It is crazy. 
  • Re: Don't Have/Want a Registry, but Aunt Insists?

    My out-of-town Aunt is throwing me a shower last minute. I was under the impression it was a relabeled family Christmas party (as we were already doing that), but now she's asking about gifts. I have no registry, nor do I want one. I tried to tell her that if anyone wants to give us something cash is preferred, but she's insisting. Do I go ahead and make a small registry or tell her it's not happening? Halp :/
    This is really up to you. If you don’t want a shower then don’t make a registry. If you are afraid people are going to buy you things regardless if there is a shower or not, maybe making a small registry isn’t a bad idea. We made a small amazon registry for things we always forget we want/need; i.e corn cob holders, new spatulas, small hand tools, etc. If you really don’t need/want anything then you should absolutely shut down the shower idea. The whole point of a shower is to “shower the honoree with gifts” and if people can’t do that then there is no point in doing it.
  • Re: Has anyone here actually had a double wedding?

    I don't know if this is happening to anyone else or it just be me. My best friend were being engaged recently, i'm very happy for her. After discussing wedding details together we came up with the same idea that why don't we do a double-wedding. but after searching and studying we both found its a quite complected  stuff to do. So, i was wondering if anyone been through all this, any advice would be appreciated.  
    My friend did this because his fiancé is a twin and  her sister also happened to be getting married. Since the two sisters had the same guest list they had a double wedding rather than making people travel twice. I wasn’t involved in the planning of it so I am of no help but just thought I would say it can be done.

    Two friends sounds way more complicated though. What if the only time her grandparents can come is a bad time for your sibling? How will you split up finances? Honestly, it just sounds like a recipe for disaster, imo.
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