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  • Re: I am so confused by this letter.

    banana468 said:
    It's $40.  Does this really warrant a letter?   Leave it alone unless something else suspicious comes up.
    This AND if the money was not handed to her for the specific purpose she thinks it was intended, then she's jumping to an awful lot of conclusions. 
  • Thursday

    It's almost the end of the week!! 

    The kiddo's GF is leaving town tonight, so he'll be home alone.  I love her and she's good for him, but he gets jack shit done when she's hanging out.  I did tell him I need a Christmas list for her and we'll buy her some stuff from us. 

    Still not organized or packed a damn thing besides the road trip snacks we bought last weekend.  Shocker.  LMAO

    Prudie day!! 
  • Re: Ugh

    @mrsconn23, sorry about not getting Christmas week off.  Ooohhh, I am looking at a calendar.  Xmas and New Years Day fall nice this year.  On Mondays.  So I'm also off work the whole weekends before, with the Eves.

    I know.  I have it off this year and I get 9 days off for only 4 days of vacation (We get holiday pay for Christmas eve and day and NYD).   Working around the holidays isn't that terrible, especially from home.  It's usually pretty quiet since most of management is off.  I've just been supremely spoiled the last 4-5 years because I have always gotten the week off as my 1st choice. 
  • Re: Am i going crazy?

    banana468 said:
    kaos16 said:

    UPDATE:  We chatted last night when the aunt called him and they had a quick conversation that just seemed strange to me.  I explained my concerns to him and how I felt uncomfortable.  A short time later I grabbed his phone and took a look at the conversation with the aunt.  I know that snooping is wrong, but I had to do it.  The conversation was heavy duty flirting.  I get upset and we ended up having a lengthy conversation about it.  He told me that our relationship is great and he loves what we have except that he feels passion is missing.  He said that he was flirting to feel desired.  He feels terrible about it, as I think he should. . . . I'm upset.  Emotional cheating is still cheating in my opinion. 

    Many tears later, we decided that he needs to establish boundaries and I will work on passion.  What do you ladies do to up the passion in your relationships??

    Well for starters, I feel passionate about my husband when he isn't a gargantuan jackass. 

    Seriously - I get that you feel that you need to work on something here but your husband FUUUUUCKED UP.     I'm not passionate when I smell a rat and think my husband's head is stuck in his rectum. 

    And while my DH and I need to work on this, part of being passionate is the feedback I get.   You need to engage me in conversation, talk to me and value me and not go through the motions with minimal contact.   So work on ways to have dinners together.   See if you can get the toddler down to bed early or make a nice later meal if that is possible.   Go on a date.   Take a walk together or do something in the fall.   Have movie night on the couch that ends with a quickie while the kid is sleeping. 

    I know I'm projecting here but he essentially blamed you for his emotional cheating.   And that's probably a pretty common defensive mechanism but it's not passing my smell test.   So while he's out buying lunches and clothing for his employees he could do some work on his own to show you that he appreciates you.   A small jewelry purchase, flowers or dinner reservations would be a good start.   And if you can get an overnight sitter, a hotel would be good too. 


    Is the aunt employed by your husband?  If not, he needs to leave her the fuck alone, like yesterday.  
  • Re: Ugh

    Yay for advertising on the knot!!  I don't know how to work SnapChat.  

    My 'ugh' is that I didn't get Christmas week off next year for the first time in for-ev-er.  :(  I'm a little salty about it, but it is what it is.  I am going to try and take Thurs/Fri off before Christmas, so I can have a few days around the holidays regardless.   I took a week off for Spring Break instead.  We probably won't go anywhere, but at least I can sleep in and do stuff with the kids.  And DefConn's bday is in the middle of that week. 

    It's overcast here and a little on the chilly side.  It's supposed to rain later. 

    We have DefConn's conference tonight.  Also, I keep making plans in my head to do stuff for vacation and it's not happening after work.  But I love to pretend I'll get my shit together.  ;)