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  • Re: Holiday Songs

    @mrsconn23 ; Who does "December" ? Never heard of it. I know Linkin Park has a song "My December" but I'm pretty sure not the same :')
    George Winston

    ETA: It's seriously the most soothing thing to listen to with the TV off and just the tree on and sitting in front of the fire.  
  • Re: Holiday Songs

    The entire "A Very Special Christmas" Album, volume 1

    The Peanuts Christmas album

    The instrumental album "December"

    And there's another Christmas CD my parent's have that I love.  I can't remember the name of it.  I really need to borrow and upload it. 

  • Re: Woman vents

    Ughhh!!  I have a friend in the same position as you.  She has to do a similar routine every year. 

    And my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at 22 and died at 28 because it metastasized.  She felt the lump at 20 and was ignored for 2 years.  People like the nurse need to stop because those comments and attitudes are why it's harder for women to be taken seriously when it comes to their health. 
  • Monday!

    How was the weekend?

    Mine kinda sucked because I worked and I was in pain all.weekend.long.  I finally went and got checked out and I have a staph infection on my skin.  I feel so gross and now I'm on all the drugs to clear it up (plus probiotics to keep my stomach in check).  I tried to tough it out, but the pain was making me nauseated and teary eyed by late yesterday afternoon.  IDK why after 2 days of getting worse that I thought it would get better.  Ugh.   It still hurts, but I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll see improvement. 

    I was going to wrap presents and bake cookies.  Neither of those things happened.  However, I am on the second to last episode of The Crown and it is sooo... good. 
  • Re: It's still snowing, but at least it's Friday!

    It's FRIDAY!  Finally.  I do have to work tomorrow though. 

    It is the kiddo's bday today.  We're taking him and the GF out to dinner.  I think FIL is meeting us too.  

    Sunday is going to hopefully be a chill and/or get stuff done around the house day.  I need to wrap presents.