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    Ok, apparently you guys are way too serious on this website. sorry i even asked you all. we're going to have a funny wedding because unlike you all we dont take life too seriously! just because we want to make sure our wedding is funny, memorable, unique or whatever... doens't mean it's immature, inappropriate, or not sacred. "To infinity and beyond" means FOREVER! how is that not a commitment?? i seriously don't understand you people at all. and by the way, i never asked any of your opinions. i asked for new ideas, not a judement on what my fiance and i have already decided on doing. if i could figure out how to delete this whole post, i would. thanks to you guys i will no longer be using this website. you've left a bad taste in my mouth by how stuck up you all sound. i hope your weddings and your marriages are as bland and snooty as you all make yourselves out to be. goodbye.
    Posted by hersheykiss2087
    Amen, sister! People on here are so mean most times you post. Your wedding is your wedding; you do what you want. As for new ideas, I don't have any but good luck. I think a funny ceremony is cute, and very personal even if not everyone gets it. A wedding isn't for anyone but you and your FI-- so you do what you want! People can be mean on here; I've definitely learned that in the short time I've been lurking/posting. They knock my ideas all the time. Keep your head up and have fun!
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    OOOH! December 2012 siggy! Wow! Good for me.