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    One thing I just thought of is that unless the poem is really old or is the original work of you guest it is probably copyrighted. It is illegal to reprint copyrighted material without the permission of the entity that owns the copyright.
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    I think they did that in The Godfather too (at least the book, I haven't seen the movie).  I've never seen it done IRL so I think it would be a waste because a lot of people would have already dropped their cards off at the gift table.  
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    You'll get a note of congratulations from the Obamas, just send the invite to the White House. As for the others it will depend on how their PR people handle these things.
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    Ven&Radio said:
    If you don't know these people well enough to have their phone number, why do you want their child in your wedding?  It sounds like you just want a cute prop, rather than a child you're close to.
    I don't have phone numbers for a lot of my cousins. We communicate via e-mail or Facebook.  It has nothing to do with our relationship, we just never exchanged phone numbers.  
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    I have a friend who brings her two daughters EVERYWHERE including two showers in which there were no other children and it was very awkward. I just don't get it.

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    It happens for three reasons:
    1) People think they can't afford a babysitter
    2) People are so paranoid about what might happen to their children if they aren't always with them that they won't leave them alone
    3) People are so fused to their children that it takes up 75% or more of their personal identity.  These are the people who post ultrasounds in their Facebook profiles, use "soandsosmom" as screen handles, and are always emailing photos of their kids or posting them on social media with a full update of what's going on with their kids at every nanosecond.  They absolutely cannot conceive of their children not being with them at all times outside of school or work, even when the children were not invited or the activity is clearly an "adult" one.
    There was a thread on another page about hiring babysitters for receptions and it said the going rate these days is $20-30 an hour for a sitter (not a reception sitter, a sitter in general).  So, yeah at those prices for many people it's not a matter of "thinking" you can't afford it, it's a matter of literally not being able to afford it.  Plus, I personally have an issue with paying a teenager more to watch one kid than I was paid to care for 30 kids and I have a degree.  
    If you wish to attend an event where your kids are not invited, you (generic) have two options:
    1) Find an affordable babysitter
    2) Decline the invitation

    But bringing your kids is not one of those options.  If you can't find a babysitter you trust and can afford, then you must decline the invitation.
    I know you pointed out the generic you.  I was really commenting on the phrase "think they can't afford" because to me it sounded like it was being implied people really could afford a sitter and were just assuming they couldn't but the reality is they may not be able to afford one.  For me I would not pay for a sitter to attend a shower.  I would leave my son with my husband or not go to the shower.  I don't like showers so I'm not going to pay a sitter so I can attend something I don't like.