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  • Re: Their Divorce, My Wedding

    My parents got divorced about fourteen years ago, and my mother remarried almost ten years ago. My father has never gotten over it, and told me he wouldn't come if my step-dad walked me down the aisle. I told him I'd love to have him there, but that is his choice. He didn't come. My wedding was amazing anyway.

    In the end, all you can do is choose to invite who you want there, remind them that them missing the day and/or choosing not to be civil is their choice, and hope for the best. I know how much it sucks when the people we love refuse to act like adults.

    I hope that everyone in your situation is willing to put their anger aside, and that those who can't recognize it's best for them not to be there, so that your wedding can be full of happiness and love. No matter what, at the end of the day you will be married to someone who will stick with you through all the family drama.
  • Re: New wedding timeline better?

    There are ways to do everything "right" and keep within budget. Buffets tend to be cheaper, and it is possible to find some with good food.

    Also, beer and wine can be about the same price as non-alcoholic beverages like sodas.

    The biggest thing is research, reach out, talk to vendors. If you're having a wedding during a less popular event time, they may be willing to cut some slack on prices.

    Make sure you look at the budget breakdown and see where you can afford to skimps versus where you can't. For instance, I used fake flowers and didn't have them professionally done (MIL wanted to do them, otherwise I would have done them myself). To me, this was not a priority in the budget. Things like food quality, DJ, and photography were. If it's related to proper etiquette for your guests, star that as important. If it's not, take a look and see if you can be happy with cheaper/ alternatives.

    Good luck!
  • I'm A Married Woman!

    I am so happy. Everyone keeps asking how it feels to be married, but it's really just... right. I feel right being married to my H.

    Anyway... as some of y'all know, I was diagnosed with the flu on Christmas Eve. I'd been feverish for a few nights, and was absolutely miserable. They gave me a rescue inhaler and told me there wasn't much they could do, but based on the timeline, I'd be human for the wedding.

    My little sister/MOH started getting it after my bachelorette party (which was the 23). I felt so bad for getting her sick. But the bachelorette party she planned was so perfect. Originally it was going to be something during the day and then bar hopping at night; instead it ended up being the "something" all day. I need to post pictures at some point... my little sister decorated the place (my very happy we were all visiting Uncle's tiny place) out in full Harry Potter mode-- letters in the entry way, a sign for Platform 9 3/4, made snack and drinks to fit the theme (butterbeer is delicious). And we watched the movies and played a drinking game (I had one alcoholic drink and switched to Powerade).

    The day before the wedding, one of my best friends (who is also a paramedic) came in and forced hot toddies on my sister and I, and gave us her concoction of OTC pills and vitamins. By the morning of the wedding (when she gave us a whiskey-free toddy), my sister and I both felt so much better.

    My wedding party (little sister, BFF, woman who is like a big sister), mom, SIL and I got ready in a cabin at the venue. We had so many contingency plans for the wedding-- we had heaters for outdoors (people were ferried to the ceremony location or walked if they preferred), but if the weather had been bad, we'd have had it indoors. Luckily, the day dawned just beautiful and sunny, almost no wind.

    My mom is the one who decorated. She insisted she wanted it to be her wedding gift to us, and when the professional pics come in, I'll have to show y'all. It was breathtaking. I'd have been happy for us to go in and throw up some lights and linens, but my mom... people kept commenting all night. We had a hot chocolate and s'mores bar, a topping bar for the cheesecake (which we opted for instead of traditional cake-- best cheesecake ever). The food vendors we chose were amazing (I tried a bite or two of everything), the DJ was flexible and enjoyed himself, the bartender was kind and people tipped her well (we had an open bar-- beer, wine, vodka, and rum, and the alcohol flowed all night). I danced all night-- mostly with my niece and nephews.

    Anyway, here are some pictures. We got one sneak-peek photo so far.

    First kiss, taken by a friend.

    We had a sweetheart table with guest chairs, but spent very little time there-- just to eat. Otherwise, we were mingling (and I was dancing) all night.
    Best friend, little sister, "big sister" and I (in that order).
    The sneak-peek photo from the photographer. They loved shooting and we had such a blast with them.
    My SIL took this while we were getting ready. She was so amazing, always willing to help, and definitely the life of the party.
    Okay, so... my mom has been asking me for the past year and a half what I'd be doing with my hair, trying to convince me to do something natural-ish for the wedding, anything by my greens and blues. I was getting my makeup done as she was getting her hair done, and we were almost back-to-back while this was happening. She came around to see once her hair was done, and I saw this amazing surprise! She put streaks of blue and green in her own hair (temporarily). It was the most beautiful surprise. She insisted we take a selfie.

    (By the way, the shirt I'm wearing is the one my H was wearing the first time we met. I asked him if I could wear it to get ready.)
  • Re: The Flu

    Everything went so perfectly and I felt much better. I'll post more soon! Thanks for all the well wishes, y'all. 
  • Re: The Flu

    I am feeling so much better! Slight cough, but not too bad. However, I got my little sister/moh sick despite my best efforts. She is past the worst of it though.