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  • Re: Invitation/Wedding Shower Etiquette

    Me thinks the OP doth protest too much.
  • Re: What kind of gift would you bring?

    I would just give the gift and a card. 

    Maybe I'm weird, but I hate gift cards, both giving and receiving. 

    For one, they know exactly how much you spent. It feels cheap to me to give a $10 gift card, but it doesn't if I buy, say, a $10 pair of earrings or a $10 bowl or a $10 scarf. 

    And, it's never the right amount. They either have to spend more to get what they want, or they have some odd amount that's never enough to buy another thing left on the card.

    And then, of course, you have to remember to use it. I have a four-year-old gift card my mom gave me that I'm finally getting around to use. And it's either enough plus some extra for one dress, or I have to spend more to get two dresses.

    We have at least a dozen gift cards I'm trying really hard to use. We had one to LLBean. I used part of it for sheets, and now the card is sitting in an envelope waiting for me to think of something we need buy. Someone gave us a Bed, Bath and Beyond one for our wedding (which was five years ago). Great, right? Well, at the time, we lived in a town that didn't even have a BBB. We've never shopped at BBB before, and we still don't have one nearby. So it's never been used waiting for me to figure out what I need and then go out of my way to get it. 

    I'm always grateful for gifts or course, but it's kind of a letdown to open a gift card. I'd much rather someone ask for ideas, and I'll give them some, and then they can get me something. 

    /end rant
    I remember having a conversation about this where popularity of gift cards can be a regional thing. For instance, I live in the Midwest (NOTE: NOT SPEAKING FOR THE ENTIRE MIDWEST) and at least here, gift cards are suuuuuuper popular to give and receive. I personally love getting them and with weddings and showers, I've definitely given them to places where the couple / parents registered so they can get all that stuff that wasn't purchased off the registry. 
  • Re: Parents Treating Invitations Like Oprah Treats Gifts -- Everybody Gets One!

    I logged in for the first time in days and was wondering why this had  so many comments. Oof. 

    Look, OP, you need seats for everyone. This is, like, basic hosting 101. I can't believe this actually needs to be explained to you. 
  • Re: Help with relatives

    Yeah I would do the math for him. He's probably just thinking in very black and white terms, like the hotel costs $X without considering the additional finances that would come with that.
  • Re: Miss Manners - sweetheart table

    I went to a wedding once where the bride and groom sat at a small table in a completely different room from the rest of us. THAT was rude. But a sweetheart table? I don't get what the issue is.