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  • Re: How do you take care of yourself?

    Any type of exercise will help. You don't need to go to the gym. Just do a few things at home. 

    Also, I listen to music. A LOT!!! When I'm in a funk, it's all about 90s music. Whatever your fave genre is, put it on and just listen. Music makes everything better (or at least lets you chill for a bit).
  • Re: Aw shit, guys! Re: writing vows

    Inkdancer said:
    Thanks for the examples and advice, ladies! I'm feeling much better about the writing part. Now I have to practice not crying so hard I can't talk lol 
    Can't help you there. I sobbed straight through mine. All the pictures are gross because I was trying not to cry and made my face all red.
    I'm absolutely expecting this with mine. I think my "try not to cry" face is much uglier than my cry face.
  • Re: TGIF: Happy Friday!

    Happy Friday!!! 

    Even my daughter was excited it's Friday and she only had school 3 days this week (Snow days).

    DD is going to here dad's tomorrow morning. FI officially puts on Staff Sergeant tomorrow (he technically already is, but the ceremony is tomorrow), so we are going out with a bunch of the guys from the base tomorrow night. And it's a drill weekend, so I'll be baking goodies for the guys, as always.
  • Re: Helpful little tricks!

    Definitely going to remember this! Thanks!!
  • Re: Aw shit, guys! Re: writing vows

    Oh Novella, I feel your pain. FI is all about a traditional ceremony, then throws in that he wants us to write our vows. He won't budge, but okay. My issue is opening myself up like that in front of a lot of people. I've told him that he's going to need to remind me, at the alter, to just look at him and ignore everyone else. (He is my calm.)

    I have had random things go through my mind about content. There will be one or two humorous things in it. ("I vow to never make you watch 'The Notebook.'") He said he is too. (He has joked that he's going to say the line from Coneheads when Beldar is telling Prymatt what he would do if she died.) It matches our personalities. As serious as we appear to the world, we are actually goofballs and want that shown just a little. And of course, there will be mushy stuff and I'll probably cry. 

    We are going to have a 3rd party read them both ahead of time to make sure they are in a similar tone and length.