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  • Re: Show us your dresses!

    I got this one from David's Bridal. It's a light champagne color. It's so much prettier in person (and with a sash!).

  • Re: No children allowed causing a problem

    It was pretty rude to put "no children" on your invites. I too am having a child-free wedding. I addressed my invites specifically to the parents and all parents who were wondering have politely asked if they're kids were invited, we politely explain no, and no problems have occurred. It could be your delivery that upset her more than the fact that the kid isn't invited. At this point all you can do is stick to your guns but I doubt anything you say will fix the damage caused.
  • Re: Color for Mother of the Bride/ Groom dresses

    I think it is up to the moms to decide what color dress they want to wear. Just tell them your wedding colors and they'll either pick within them or pick something else. Either way they're likely to pick something which flatters them.

    My colors are navy and gold. My stepmom and my FI's mom decided to get navy dresses and my mom is wearing a champagne dress she's owned for years (it's close to gold). I gave my mom the thumbs up on her champagne dress (I'd seen it before) before I bought my dress which just happens to be a light champagne color. I freaked out for a minute about the similarity in color but then realized no one would care. I have a gorgeous wedding dress and I'll look amazing, my mom will look amazing in her favorite dress, and I doubt anyone will be whispering "Are their dresses both shades of champagne?" haha
  • Re: Getting In Shape

    I don't know why it's so hard for me to get motivated sometimes. I just hate the thought of running and being out of breath!

    Why can't life be just like the Sims? Then I can modify myself however I want! lol
    haha Seriously. After posting that I wanted to start P90X I decided to actually do it. All the workouts are written in my planner and I did the first one today. It sucked! :-P
  • Re: Breakfast for Dinner

    If eggs are on the menu, I'd be gagging.
    I literally can't sit at the same table as a soft cooked egg. If I see someone dip toast in a runny yolk, I am actually sick. As in, doing the fast fast fast walk trying not to run to the nearest restroom immediately sick.  So, obviously, not a fan.

    But that's one person's weird personal taste, and of course, any one guest might feel the same about any random food. 

    Overall, even if I was not a rabid egg hater, I would find it weird. In the same way as if someone invited you to breakfast and served you green salad, corn on the cob, and barbecued ribs. Why?

    Have a brunch timed wedding, if you love breakfast/ brunch foods. (This is also a good silent way of pre warning egg/breakfast food haters that eggs will be probably be present.) 
    Glad I'm not the only one who finds runny eggs stomach turning. haha!