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  • Re: **SPOILER ALERT!** This Is Us

    I feel like until they out-and-out say how he died and what happened, it's not going to make 100% sense why Kate blames herself

    Before I'd caught up, I did a Google search on how Jack had died.  Thinking it had already been revealed.  I came across an article where one of the producers said something like they weren't going to reveal how Jack died for a long time (something like that).

    Which I totally disagree with and think it is has now reached the point of being ridiculous.  I feel like the audience not knowing this information is now becoming an impediment to understanding the character developments, instead of enhancing them.  Don't get me wrong.  I realize the heavy character development is part of what makes the show great, which includes finding out more info of past experiences an episode at a time.

    But because they're trying to keep it "a surprise", it's making conversations...where that would naturally be included...odd.  Like in the family therapy session. 

  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    mrsconn23 said:
    Q. Son won’t have children: We are concerned our only son isn’t having children. Every time we bring it up with him, he seems to have a new excuse. Recently when we tried to discuss this with our daughter-in-law directly, she said her high-powered career would be severely impacted if she didn’t plan child-bearing carefully because she doesn’t get paid parental leave at her workplace. We tried to encourage her by saying that she doesn’t even need to work since our son is very successful and we have considerable means. This seems to have offended her greatly. How do we convince them that we only want them to be happy?
    JFC. This sounds like my in-laws. "But why do you work when our son has a great job? Don't you want to be a mother? Wouldn't you feel horrible leaving your children anyway?"

    Ok, 1) Because I  have a great job too, I like my job, and I like simply HAVING a job. It makes me feel secure, independent, and productive. 2) It's hard to believe in 2017, but women can be mothers and work. 3) WHY DON'T PEOPLE ASK MEN THIS QUESTION?

    These people sound awful. Nosy parents are one thing. Nosy, controlling, judgy, sexist, obtuse parents are unbearable. These are the same type of people who will be pissed if the son does have a kid and doesn't name it after them. SMH.
    2018 too, I hear! 
    omgggg... I've been spending the last 3 weeks changing my 7's to 8's. I should know this by now. LOL!
    Same. I relate to this too much:

    It's almost worse when you - FOR WHATEVER REASON MY BRAIN HAS - write 2016 :|

    I input dates A LOT in my job.  In fact, I had to start retraining my brain in Dec. for eta delivery dates in 2018.

    It has been very challenging, lol.

  • Re: Need to get my groove back, but not sure how.

    You can forget how?  I thought it was like riding a bike.....

    edit: at any rate, this girl is young! I want to be 'not yet 30' again! I feel like she should focus on herself and let a relationship/sex come naturally. 

    This was exactly my first thought, lol.

    I think the LW is causing herself more stress by thinking that, if she isn't ready by now, maybe she never will be.  It's one of those times I wish I could magically reach out and reassure her, "If you don't feel you're ready yet, that's okay!  You will be.  And those first steps back into the dating world will be scary, but you'll get there with some more time."

    I've never been a victim of abuse, so I hope I am not completely talking out of my a**, but I'm worried that trying to rush a step that she doesn't feel ready for might backtrack her progress. 

  • Re: Feeling psychologized

    @eileeenrob, thanks for that perspective!  It makes the friend look even worse, knowing that she has probably received a good amount of info/warning in her education/training to not fall into that behavior.

    I can see where a therapist might have to be vigilant with this.  Like the old adage, "When you're hammer, the world looks like a nail."

    Especially since it is a longtime friend, I think the LW should speak up already and give her friend a chance to correct the offensive behavior.  If the friend can't or won't do that, then let the friendship fizzle out. 

  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    Goodness, that ungrateful b**ch!!  How dare she put her career...that I'm sure she has spent years of education and experience cultivating...above your need to have grandchildren.

    Because, who doesn't want to be partially supported by their overbearing and sexist ILs, amiright?