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  • Re: Baby Kitten Gender!!

    6fsn said:
    Congrats!!! We had a shortlist of names for Babypants. We knew she was a girl and that she'd have the same middle name as me, but first name didn't get picked until the next morning - and the birth certificate lady at the hospital had to hound us twice lol

    I yelled at the birth certificate lady when M2 was born.  SHE KEPT CALLING and I just wanted to SLEEP. 
    The callers/visitors to the hospital room are THE. WORST. I would just have fallen asleep and I'd feel this *tap tap tap* "hi, I'm with the parenting program.." or "I'm the chaplin" or "would you like newborn photos taken?" or "do you need a breast pump?" or "do you have a carseat?" I mean literally all of those questions could be asked BEFORE I deliver. This time, I'll have a huge sign on my door that says "nurses and clinical staff ONLY."
  • Re: Need “jobs” for kids

    Something they would probably appreciate a lot more than having a job would be to have activity packets like a coloring book and crayons, a small toy, bubbles, etc. 

    Here's the thing - if the kids have "jobs" their parents need to supervise those jobs (they're only 4-7 y/o). It really limits how social their parents can be. As a parent, I'd be 162X more grateful to have an activity packet that would keep my kid entertained than having to buy a special outfit and having to stand there supervising my kid dole out programs. 

    FTR, if the kids were older and didn't need supervision, I think this would be a different story.
  • Re: Question...

    Since the party isn’t a wedding, it would be a pretty odd to send STDs and invitations “a few months out” (6 weeks is PLENTY). 

    If there are VIPs or people who may want to travel (and don’t expect them to - again, it’s not a wedding), you could shoot them an email and tell them you’ll be getting married privately but plan to have a party on such-and-such date. 

    @MariePoppy’s wording is perfect.
  • Re: Robes for bridesmaids

    I’m not sure where people buy these but just keep in mind that anything you buy for them to wear the day of the wedding is not a gift - it’s part of the uniform. 

    The BM gift is thanking your best friends and family for standing next to you on the most important day of your life. It should be something that’s for/about THEM - not something for cute insta pics. 

    ETA: Not only that but this trend trend is like 8 years old and wayyy over done. Plus the robes are usually junky, too short, and have the look of grandma’s floral sofa. Just no all around.
  • Re: Baby Kitten Gender!!

    Congrats! Y’all are way ahead of us on the name. I mean, we don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl but we don’t have either name picked out...I’m not even one of those people who’s like “I need to meet him/her.” I want to go in with a plan. I just don’t have one! :# :#