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  • Re: Love my braids??

    It sounds like she's being really open and honest with you, which is awesome. Means she cares and isn't just in it for the money. I would book with Stacy, personally. 
  • Re: I am so confused by this letter.

    Either address it or let it go. FFS. 

    If you address it: "Mom, you and I were the only people in the house when I left $40 on the counter. I went upstairs to pee and when I came back downstairs the money was gone. I understand it may have seemed like it was left out for you and I wanted to see if you took it, thinking that." Give her a safe avenue to fess up and if she doesn't, well don't leave $40 lying around when your mom is in the house. 
  • Re: Venue Needed - SOS

    Moving this to the San Fran board with a redirect link. 
  • Re: BEER & WINE help me choose!!! :)

    Red: a local or California pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon
    White: a local or California sauvignon blanc (or pinot gris) 
    Rose: I don't know roses so can't help here

    1) bud light or labbatt light
    2) a local medium bodied wheat beer (go to a couple breweries and find one you like!)
    3) a local pumpkin or octoberfest-ish beer (again, go to some breweries)

    I'm not familiar with Seattle breweries, so couldn't give exact recommendations, but IMO it's always nice to support local businesses. 

    Also, If you're going to serve signature cocktails during cocktail hour, you shouldn't stop serving them for the duration of the reception. Many people will be confused by this and not want to switch from mixed drinks to wine or beer. Either offer them for the whole time or don't offer them at all and keep it simple.
  • Re: This is horrifying

    Personally, I would have fired her for rummaging through my personal stuff. So bold.

    But going forward, I'd be writing her up for being 30 seconds late and every tiny little thing she fucks up until I had enough documentation to fire her. Then I'd fire her. People like that are toxic to the workplace - even if she is good at scheduling meetings and making copies. Girl bye.

    Simultaneously, I'd be looking to get out of that shitty work environment.