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  • Re: You should go. Like, yesterday.

    I want multiple kids and I'm 28 years old. I'm in a short-term relationship with someone who doesn't want the life I want and is a dramatic hypochondriac who is crying wolf about cancer, MS and other actual serious diseases people truly suffer from. I also fantasize about other people.

    I seriously don't know what is wrong people. Bounce. The. Fuck. Out. There are more than 4 men in the world who are "sweet, fun-loving, compassionate" AND ALSO want kids and don't cry wolf about serious diseases. She's acting like she's 18, not 28. 
  • Re: Do not out him. It is not your place.

    I was a little confused by this letter also.  The bottom line I got is that the SM wants to alert the M that the boy is having suicidal thoughts again, but without directing her to his social media.

    I realize the boy lives OOT, but I would think the first step is for her and her H to get in touch with him.  Show their love and concern.  Encourage him to say something directly to his mother and get into counseling, if he isn't already.

    I wouldn't do this, personally. They barely have any contact with this kid. If he hasn't already gone to his mom about this, some remote family telling him he should probably isn't going to make it happen. 

    I'm coming at this from the perspective of my 14 year old self. If some remote family who I barely had contact with told me they had stalked my social media page, saw a suicidal post and then said "please tell your mom and go to counseling" I would probably (in my teenage way) give them a fat middle finger and retreat from the relationship. 

    Maybe I misunderstood the letter?  I'm assuming the boy's father and the SM speak with him and are only remote family, geographically speaking.  The LW only said that the father doesn't speak with the mother.  Not that he doesn't speak with his son.

    However, if that is not the case, then the father needs to man up and get over that he can't get along with his ex, for his troubled son's sake.  But I would agree that, in the meantime, the suicide concerns should be lightly brought to the mother's attention and/or the boy's counselor.  If he has one.  He should and I hope he does. 

    Ah, that could be the case.

    My takeaway was that neither SM or dad really had a relationship with this kid until recently, due to the lack of communication between dad and mom.

    This letter is definitely confusing on several levels.
  • Re: It's snowing!

    Oh and @kimmiinthemitten I'm so excited for you and your H! Mr Mittens is going to do big things!

    ETA: I just realized I did actually say this in my last post. I promise I can read, but I cannot promise that my brain scan doesn't look like the one from the "walkers" on the Walking Dead.
  • Re: I can feel her anxiety jumping off the screen. :(

    IDK why this is drama has to be the girlfriend's problem too. They live halfway across the country and gf has never even met LW's folks. Since she's planning to propose, LW needs to realize how much of her own issues should be the burden of her gf. Enroll in counseling...figure out your next and best move. But stop burdening your gf. 
  • Re: It's snowing!

    It sounds like a really good kickoff to the weekend @kimmiinthemitten! (Minus the comforter...but you're getting a new one! There something just so great about new bedding.) And yay for Mr. Mittens! Do big things!

    @MissKittyDanger - I've gained about 11lbs so far this pregnancy and I definitely feel it. Blah! idk why but it feels like my body is constantly saying "eat that cheesy gordita crunch and let me promptly place it on your muffin top." Who else is pregnant up in here? I know there's someone else...

    I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Most obviously, it's Friday. But it's also the day DH gets home from being OOT for work. Yay! AND I'm WFH tomorrow. 

    Do y'all send Christmas cards? It seems like everyone does the picture ones these days, but I've been off my picture game this year and I look fat/gross/tired in every family photo we have. I don't wannaaaaaa, but DH really wants to. Ugh.