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  • Re: I understand irrational worry, but I cannot with this LW.

    mrsconn23 said:
    the fact that my husband couldn’t comply with such a simple request is weighing on me.
    What request did the husband not comply to? (snip)
    To be 100% available at all times to coddle her irrational fears and, in case something did happen, to sit there helpless...knowing his wife did not dial 911 and put his whole family in danger. 
  • Re: I understand irrational worry, but I cannot with this LW.


    After the fact, we assume my H had met our thieves in person.  That they'd been planning to rob the house on that day, but didn't when they realized someone was home and made up a reason as to why they were knocking on the door.  

    See this is just it. 90% (I'm making that # up, but guessing it's close) of home invasions happen when people aren't home. People who want your valuables don't want to be seen by you. They don't want to interact with you. They want your shit and then they want to leave, without any encounters. People seem to have this weird delusion that anyone entering your home is entering with the intent to rape and murder everyone in their path. Not the case.
  • Re: But it does sound like you make use of your free time...

    In the age of everyone being amazing on social media, I don't think it's unusual for average to start feeling inferior. People seem to feel the need to be super interesting with really unique hobbies in order to be average. Sorrynotsorry, but I'm over it, personally. Kudos to those who truly overachieve in the hobby arena. But for me personally, I feel busy enough as it is.
  • Re: "Oh I don't have anything to say. Thanks for thinking of me."

    baconsmom said:
    I would go and say exactly that. 

    But I'm cranky today. Also, chronically a bitch, so....
    I would be tempted to also. Probably not at the event, but if I had nothing to lose, I'd probably say to the requester: "this is what I plan to say, please let me know if you'd still like me to speak." Obviously they'll say no, but at least you aren't holding back.

    I'm really tired of the silence. And I'm sick of women feeling like they have to tip toe around others' feelings just to tell the damn truth.
  • Re: My mom is forcing my 'new' family on me.

    Have a bit of patience that this is new territory for her as well. But don't sacrifice your own comfort. I'd probably ask her out to lunch (just the two of you). Let her know that you're really happy for her that she's happy in her new marriage. But also let her know that, although, you think these people are pleasant enough, forcing a relationship is unnecessary and feels unnatural. Remind her that you're an adult and forging relationships with other adults is YOUR choice. YOU'LL take the lead.