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  • Re: Minimum ages to buy liquor and cigarettes, but not to get married?

    GBCK said:
    it's a form of trafficking that doesn't get nearly enough attention.

    It's how my SIL was trafficked, it's a way of hiding statutory rape, it's a way of forced marriages in conservative religions.

    ANd it's fucking horrifying.
    And I"m refusing to read more on it right now.
    All of this.

    Plus more often than not, the very same people who won't vote to ban child marriage because "the government shouldn't be in decisions like marriage" have also voted to ban marriages between two consenting adults of the same sex. 

    It's beyond horrifying. 

    @CharmedPam ; If this indigestion gets worse I'm either becoming a dragon, or she's a dragon :') lmfao! Or Kitten-Dragon hybrid lol
    It's going to get worse. Small meals of bland food and Tums on your nightstand until you aren't pregnant anymore. That's all you can really do. 
    The Tropical Fruits Tums are the best, BTW. The white ones are my favorite :)

    Bought some GS cookies yesterday too - our office is in a dicey neighborhood, so every year we partner with a GS troop and girls from the troop get to sell their cookies from our cafe during their February vacation week. They clean up. Especially last year when there were over half a dozen preggos in the office lol. 

    My boss is out today, tomorrow and Monday which means I actually have time to get stuff done. Man, I like her, but she cannot manage her time for shit. Which then translates to her taking time out of our days to talk to us about all the things our team is working on. Um, yeah. We know we are working on this because - we are working on it. Redundant, much? Sometimes she just makes me think of this Dilbert:

  • Re: Creative Wedding Hashtag

    I love #TeAmoTejeda to!!


    Edited out misspellings
  • Re: Happy Wednesday

    LOL at that Max story - he's adorable!

    I am also sore today, but I think I am coming down with something. Every joint in my body - including my jaw - feels like I got hit by an 18-wheeler. 

    On the plus side, it's already Wednesday - and my day is almost half over. And we joined a pool & racquet club/gym/spa over the weekend. I just need to get out of the house. And one of my New Year's resolutions is to do more self care. Plus, they have a ton of indoor (and come summer, outdoor) pools so I can start getting Babypants acclimated to the water. I cannot wait to start going this weekend!!!
  • Re: Sell the clothes on social media and donate the money?

    That's awesome they pulled the billboards! I'm thinking I should try that...though it's slightly less likely here in the bible belt :( 

    You all know how, in a lot of states, there are license plate choices to choose from?  For example, a plate with a state college theme, ie LSU.  Here where I live, they have a Pro-Life license plate choice.  But, of course, there isn't a Pro-Choice license plate option.

    I can't imagine where, how, or why such a controversial topic was allowed to be a state/OMV-sanctioned LICENSE PLATE choice.  It's outrageous and galling, but that's Louisiana. 

    On Sunday H & I were running errands and were behind a car with a Mass RMV sanctioned Pro Life plate. I don't get it. I find it completely inappropriate and offensive.