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  • Re: How do you pick a date if fiancé is CURRENTLY serving in Marines?

    Broken record time (but it really can't be said enough) get a military clause with EVERY contract, and be completely up front with your vendors.

    Definitely have him discuss it with his direct chain of command, that's crucial as well. 

    Other than that, have him submit leave as early as humanly possible, say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed. 
  • Re: Should bridesmaids pay for pre-wedding reception?

    If this is actually a shower then the people hosting/paying for it get to decide the details. Run...quickly
  • Re: Thoughts on this plan

    I had a cousin who did this - planned an outdoor wedding with no tent and no contingency plan. When asked, they smiled and said "bring an umbrella!" - honestly, it didn't bother me that much. We all knew in advance and if people chose not to come because of it, they had that choice and the bride and groom weren't offended. We all dressed accordingly. 

    It started raining about an hour and a half before their ceremony, but stopped soon thereafter and we were all dry for the entire thing. Maybe if I'd actually been forced to sit there in the rain with an umbrella I would have a different opinion. 
  • Re: Wording for a No-Kids Wedding

    Some people here seem very concerned with the proper etiquette (and courtesy) pertaining to wedding invitations, but their responses on their forum seem kind of rude...

    I haven't decided how I'm going to address the "no kids" issue yet but the situation that my sister, my cousin, and a few of my friends have run into is that we are from an area where people ALWAYS ASSUME their children are invited, and think it rude to exclude kids. There is absolutely no way to "politely" address an invitation indicating that it's adults only (I put the quotations marks because personally, I don't consider it rude to say "Adults Only Reception")

    I've seen many comments that say things about how you should do the polite thing and then suck it up and have the awkward phone call. Well, it's a little difficult to make 50 phone calls, particularly 50 long, drawn out, complicated, emotional phone calls. Yes, the people who bring their kids to a wedding when they're not invited are rude. Does that change the fact that now there are kids at your wedding? No. 

    I agree with one of the above comments and offer this: you know your friends and family better than anyone on this forum. You are better at gauging their reactions, their decisions, and *GASP* what they will consider "rude." Handle it how you see fit. Don't stoop to being impolite out of spite, but if you're doing something that may be considered rude by some, but seems to be the best course of action that causes you the least amount of stress and upsets the least amount of people, then go for it.