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  • Re: RSVP regret

    OP, I know exactly how you feel! Sent my invites out April 20th, included my email, phone number, and wedding website to RSVP with, and then got very anxious/nervous when I didn't hear back from anyone for 2 weeks. At all. Not even my parents. Then, on week 3, I literally got 50 responses in 3 days. We've still got a ways to go (we invited 297 total), but I realize that people have to make plans and clear work schedules, etc. so I've calmed down a little bit!  We're at 60 so far, and my cousin, who did paper RSVPs, wasn't anywhere close to that high of a percentage regarding responses within 3 weeks of sending out her invites!
  • Thank God for Friends with Camera Phones!

    I don't think I could ever have done the no-tech wedding ... one of my bridesmaid's husbands took some great iPhone photos for us so that I don't have to wait 30 whole days to see some!!!  We had a great time, and I figured this was the place to come and brag!! :D

    Lessons Learned:
    PhotoBooth was a fantastic hit with everyone! We tipped the girl extra to stay later since there was a huge line still at 11pm!
    If you're taking pictures beforehand (like we did) have a solid plan for what you want to do. We did, and even though we got started a little later than we wanted to, we seated the parents and grandparents at 5:32 for a 5:30 wedding start time (which I thought was pretty good!)
    Enjoy the day! We took sooooo many pictures, but still had time to mingle, dance, smoke cigars (for the boys), and do table visits!
    Prior planning pays off!!!!! I can't wait to get my regular life back now that its all over and done with though (minus the 50 or so thank you notes I didn't do before the wedding!)
    Choose a venue that speaks to you and your fiance ... we both love theatre and got married in downtown Detroit at the Gem Theatre ... the venue was so us and I think we enjoyed our wedding day that much more because of it!

    ETA: (Should be 5 pictures attached!) Also, my biggest piece of advice is that if you have an idea/vision/wish for your wedding, go for it, even if other people on the knot don't like it. We sang our vows to each other and got so many sweet compliments on it. We had a themed wedding and everytime I turned around, people were commenting on how unique, fun, and "us" it was. This website is a great place for advice ... but not all advice is equal! :D

    Cheers ya'll! :D
  • Re: What Are your First Dance & Father/Daughter Dance songs?

    Our first dance song is "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge. Undecided on father/daughter dance ... I LOVE Butterfly Kisses, but my dad heard it once and thought it was dumb lol.
  • Re: Fixing It? The "and Guest" Debacle and Related Problems

    Thanks, I hope so to! It seems to me (from reading a lot of the posts on TK) that people experience no-shows and RSVP changes even when they follow the 6 week rule, but, I agree that I may have opened myself up to a little more heart ache. If so, I'll be another one of those people able to use my story to convince people that the 6 week rule is a good idea, regardless of their circumstances. If not, then I guess it will have worked out, and I'll be happy I did it that way. Regardless, I'll still be happily married and have properly hosted my guests at an amazing wedding reception!
  • Re: Couple Sings Vows

    I liked the first one ... second one, not so much at all. Then again, FI and I are singing our vows to each other (though, we are going to be facing each other, not the guests). The people who know us know how important music is to us, and it definitely isn't a "look what we can do" thing like @Maggie0829 seems to think it is ... for us, its one of the truest expressions of ourselves and of our love for each other. I get that it isn't for everyone, and some people might be a little shocked, but it is for us! This is a great example of etiquette vs tradition. Etiquette wise there is NOTHING wrong with singing your vows (it doesn't make guests any more comfortable than Bible readings/sermons at ceremonies may make atheist guests, for example), but it is a little more offbeat than traditional. Still, non-traditional =/= bad! :D