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  • Re: Bridal Shower

    I definitely agree with asking her.  I came home from overseas to get married and went right back a few days later.  Nobody offered me a bridal shower, but I would have declined if they did. 

    As for alternatives, I think a bridal luncheon or just a fun girl's night out is a great idea. 
  • Re: Military Traditions in the Wedding

    I had to do most of our wedding planning when DH was in the field but it's totally doable by yourself.  The main thing I had to sort was what he was going to wear to the wedding - if he wanted to wear his dress blues we were set, if he wanted to wear a suit/tux we were going to have some shopping to do.

    We actually didn't have any military traditions in our wedding, we were both of the opinion that the military took up far too much of our lives and our wedding was definitely one place we didn't want to be reminded of it.  But he did end up wearing his dress blues because we blew our budget on air fare, plus timing issues.
  • Re: Seating/Timing Problem

    Have you called the venue yet to ask how other people have chairs at their ceremony?  That seems by far the easiest place to start.
  • Re: Father of the Bride Attire

    Oh for crying out loud!  Was it not clear that this was a costume wedding that involves every one choosing a costume?  Was it not clear that the decision is of course, his?  Was it not clear that I don't care what he comes as and that I probably won't even know until the day of the wedding? Forgive me for trying to have a little fun.

    These two things don't really go together for me. 

    I mean I get trying to have fun but I think dictating what other people wear is really crossing a line.  If someone told me I could wear whatever I want as long as it's a costume, I don't take that as the decision being mine.
  • Re: Which Is The Worst Etiquette Mistake?

    The only time an etiquette breach has really affected my relationship with the married couple was when they invited more people than they wanted to host and started un-inviting some of their guests to accommodate.  I got to keep my invitation but was told my husband was uninvited.  Needless to say we didn't attend that wedding.

    I voted for not inviting SOs, but really I would have been much less offended if my husband hadn't been invited in the first place.  There's just something so insulting about an invitation being rescinded.