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  • Re: Help, I just called off my wedding.

    Oh my gosh give me those puppies.

    On a related note I had a furry guinea pig (there's a picture somewhere on here of him hanging out with a sad test run of my wedding flowers). I literally gave him away the same day I broke up with my FI. Seriously bad timing. I was like "I'M IN PAIN AND I NEED SOMETHING FURRY TO HUG BUT I GAVE AWAY MY FURRY FRIEND SO I HAVE NO THING LEFT TO HUG." 

    Also then next day the ceiling in my office collapsed on my desk and four departments at work got flooded. Perk: it ruined all the pictures I had of my FI and I, so I threw them out without a second glance. 

    When it rains it pours. 
  • Re: anybody else getting married feb of 2015?

    I'm getting married Feb. 28th! It's so close and yet so far :D 
  • Re: I'm Married! I loved my Wedding! I love my Husband!

    Aaahhh another navy wedding!!! So beautiful!! 
  • Re: Tall White Flower centerpieces ...help!!!

    How do you feel about throwing in some baby's breath as filler? Calla lillies are pretty expensive, from what I've seen-even from bulk retailers, and baby's breath could cut down on the cost and also make the arrangements look fuller. 

    Delphinium could work well too, they are really full stems: http://www.fiftyflowers.com/product/White-Delphinium-Flower_8.htm

  • Re: Latest dreams/nightmares?

    I had a great one not too long ago - it was really involved, but here goes. 

    It starts out that I was getting ready wedding morning and when I put on my dress I realized that the dress wasn't cleaned or altered at all, so it fit like crap and still had holes in it (I'm DIY-ing my own dress - don't judge). Then when it was time for the wedding my dad was nowhere to be found and so we were seriously late starting because there was no one to walk me down the isle. 

    Finally my dad showed up, but somewhere in the mix some of my bridesmaids revolted and my groomsmen showed up drunk, so the bridal party was a mess - but somehow we all got down the isle and the ceremony started. But the groomsmen insisted on sitting on the alter. 

    When my pastor went to give his message the head priest (I guess?) came out and said that my pastor couldn't marry us after all, and that we had to have the ceremony done by clergy from the church. So then our wedding ceremony was super short because all we did was exchange vows. 

    And THEN, in the middle of the vows, a professional basketball team came screaming out from behind the alter and ran up and down the isles cheering and chanting their team name. Everyone just sort of up and left the chapel and it was really awkward. 

    But then, at the very end of the dream when I was all depressed about how horrible the day had went, I started lecturing myself and saying that FI and I were married, and that's all that mattered. Whew, I don't think I'd be that mature in real life!!