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Flood displaced wedding --Marys Lake Lodge Venue...Estes Park CO?

Has anyone out there been displaced from the Mary's Lake Lodge Venue in Estes Park Co? We are trying to get refunded and are having issues with them sending out check--just looking for someone else who may be experiencing this to join forces with.

Re: Flood displaced wedding --Marys Lake Lodge Venue...Estes Park CO?

  • When the floods hit, I thought about all the weddings that would be affected.  I hope you fared well despite the damage.

    Sorry, I don't have info regarding refunds, just wanted you to know I was thinking about people such as yourself.
  • lbandjprlbandjpr member
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    Hi Kelly! We weren't booked there, but also are back to square one due to our venue being destroyed by the floods. Our venue's contact was responsive and honest, but it did take some time to get our refund. She was just one person remaining in a skeleton crew (3 total, I believe) and handling any and all things event related via email and a temporary phone number.

    In fact, they cut the check only two weeks ago, and we received it just last week on Friday. I assume this was because of the severity of their damage (no water, electricity, or road access for awhile), so they had to take the time to recover all their data. Since we didn't have a backup location ready to go (still don't and am about to make a post about it), and weren't in a position where we were waiting for the refund so we could place a new deposit, the delay was okay with us.

    Good luck to you!
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