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North Jersey Venues during LDW

I'm sure this question has been asked about 100 x's but browsing through the forum, nothing in the last few months have come up.

I'm newly engaged and am thinking about having a LDW wedding, either Saturday August 30th or Sunday the 31st. A few places did not budge on the price while others had a great price but only offered afternoon weddings.

I'm not big on an afternoon wedding and so I was wondering if any of you curently are booked for a holiday wknd wedding or have previously had a holiday wknd wedding and have found a place who is both affordable yet will still hold an evening wedding during that time.

I feel like I am open to a non holiday wedding, but I can't seem to find a nice venue that isn't over $18K.

Any suggestions??

Re: North Jersey Venues during LDW

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    What is your per person budget including taxes and service charge?  

    Also, are you deadset on having your wedding that weekend in August?  If you move to an off season month, you increase the number of venues within your budget for the day of week/time of day you want.
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    I don't have holiday weekend advice, but we had our wedding during the day and it worked out wonderfully - just something to consider.  

    We woke up early-ish (6 or 7 am, don't really even remember) and were at the church by 9:30 ish. Ceremony started at 10:30. Reception ended at 5 pm. We then had time to hang out with some guests, get all of our decor packed in our cars, drop it off at our house, visit with some more relatives, and be home rather early, giving us a lot of time together with just the two of us.

    Just something to consider - a day time wedding worked really, really well for us.
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