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Please help with Non-Traditional Ceremony Music!!

My fiance are trying to come up with some music for our wedding ceremony and are at a loss.  We are looking for music for the bridal party entrance, bride entrance, recessional, and maybe another interlude song.

We are not having a religious ceremony. (Not that we're opposed to religious music if it happens to be nice to listen to.)

I looked at the entire list of all the suggested songs that are on the knot (the ones in the articles I mean) and haven't liked any of them.

We do want the music to be pretty, unique, and INSTRUMENTAL.

We will be playing it off of CD's with a sound system set up.

We really LOVE cinema, so a nice song from a movie score is a plus, but not necessary.

A bit about our taste.. I love Pachelbel's Canon in D but wanted something that wasn't so common.  I don't really like the traditional "organ music" that is often used, for example.

Any suggestions??

Thanks for the help!

Re: Please help with Non-Traditional Ceremony Music!!

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