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Afraid to order without trying on...

I have tried on quite a few wedding gowns, and have yet to find one that I love. I did find one online that I really like (Mori Lee style 1858) but none of the local stores have it, so I would have to order it without actually seeing it in person.  I love the way it looks on the website, but am afraid it will look different on :s I am about 7 months away from my wedding so I need to decide what I am going to do SOON. 

Should I just go for it and hope it is as wonderful on as it is in the picture? Or try to find one I can actually see in person?

Re: Afraid to order without trying on...

  • I would say drive to the nearest salon that carries the gown to try it on or at least try on some gowns that are very similar to see if you like the look on you.  
  • I'm also in same situation. I've probably tried on close to 40 dresses so far. I now know exactly the style, bodice type, neck line, and bottom that I like... I just need to find it in one dress. I did a lot of online searching and found one that has everything I want. But none of the stores anywhere in my state have it in stock (my mom did find one 2000 miles away).

    Check to see if any of the stores that carries that designer can order a sample in to try on. With mine, the store called designer and they can borrow the sample, but it will cost $150. But they will put that $150 toward my purchase if I buy it or any other dress in their store. $150 is a smaller risk, but still a risk.

    But, I've tried on enough dresses to have a good idea of how it will look on me, so I'm pretty sure I'll like it. And now that I've found this dress, even though I haven't tried it on yet, nothing else appeals to me at all. I'm currently searching for something very similar to try on before spending money to get the sample ordered.

    If they can't order in a sample, try to find similar dress or dresses to try on. That will at least give you idea of the look. And if your mind won't let go of this dress and every similar dress is almost, but not quite, right... I'd say order it. I actually considered that with mine before I discovered that they could order the loaner sample.
  • Ask a shop that carries it if they can order it for you to try on. Many shops can do that
  • Try on a similar silhouette by the same designer. That will give you an idea of fit and the general look. The rest is just details and you can decide if they are worth ordering the dress without trying that exact one on. 
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  • I would never order a dress without trying it on. No woman's body is created alike, and the same dress will look very different on different people.

    Find the closest place that carries the dress and make a day or weekend trip to check it out and try it on.

  • I'm an outlier. I ordered without trying on when White House Black Market ran a limited bridal line.

    If you know what styles work for you, and are familiar with the fit of formal gowns...go for it.
  • I would do the $150... That is worth it to know you LOVE IT  and then even if you do not get that dress use it towards one from that shop..
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  • I ordered mine without trying it on. In fact, it's the only wedding dress that's been on my body. 

    But I had 7 days to return it for a full refund, which made a difference. 

    When it arrived, I made FI leave the house so I could try it on.  I can still remember that feeling when I put it on and looked in the mirror.  I love my dress and can't wait to begin fittings next year.

    So I say go for it, as long as you can return it-

  • I ordered without trying on. I'm very decisive and know what looks good on me. When I found a dress i wanted, I tried another dress by that designer to make sure i was comfortable with the coloring and sizing.

    If you are sure, go for it.
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  • I guess you can try some similar styles in the shop to see whether the style fits you well.
  • See if you can find something similar (or at least from the same designer so you know how the sizes fit on you, since every brand is different size-wise) and try those on.  Make sure you have a lot of contact with the shop you're buying from online - returns might not be an option, but maybe there is something else they can do to ease your mind.


    I'm ordering my dress from Etsy, and I'm sure my constant messages are driving them bonkers... but I need to know that the dress I've fallen in love with is going to work.  They're able to make me a version of the dress in muslin (according to my measurements) and I can try THAT on - if anything needs to be redone based on that, they can do it.  Once the actual dress is in my hands, though, that's that.

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