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Two more days!  TWO MORE DAYS!  And then it's mini-vacay/anniversary trip time.  w00t, w00t!  Also, there just may be some GTG goodness going on.  :D

DH said he's going to bust his ass so that he doesn't have to go in Friday at all.  That will be a tremendous help to me, because a LOT of shit has to happen Friday and most of it was falling on me to get done. 

We're probably not going to have ToT tomorrow because of shitty (stormy/windy) weather.  I think SIL is going to take the kids to my sister's neighborhood and take them ToTing there.  I'm a wee bit sad because DefConn is really interested in ToT (he's asked every day this week if we're going).  I told SIL to get LOTS of pics. 

@AuntFlo how is DD today? 

Re: Morning

  • Yay on the anniversary trip!  Who is the possible GTG with?

    We might also have to ToT tomorrow due to weather.  We'll just have to see.

    I really need to do a practice run on my hair for our party this Saturday.  I bought a wig that I can style, but I think I'd really hate to wear it all night.  But then again, I don't think I can do my own hair this way.  Blah.



  • Woot for vacation! 

    I'm wondering about little @AuntFlo too.

    I'm signing a contract for a new HVAC system today.  $5200 gone.  The good news is we have it? I just want it installed before it gets too bitter cold.

    6let is too stoked about ToT to not do it.  MIL will be here so I can go out with everyone.  This will make it easy to peel off if the weather is too nasty. 

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    Towns around here are moving ToT to Friday or Saturday.  There are some indoor malls that are going to do ToT tomorrow, but that's going to be zoo.

    My sister and SIL have kids of their own, so they're more than happy to take our kids.  I'm so thankful because not only is DefConn excited, but this really is the last year for the kiddo to go out.  He's going to be a teenager in just over a month and therefore, this is it for the ToT. 

    I remember paying for our new HVAC.  I wanted to puke forking over the money.  That's about what we paid for ours.

  • my dad found a church trunk-or-treat that will do 'stations' indoors, becasuse storms here too.  So I'm glad to not have to wade through rain.


  • We finally bought pumpkins last night so we're carving those up today.  I'm excited, and H is all "make pumpkin seeds" yeah, because cleaning that stringy crap is just that easy.  *hmm*

    The neighbor kids were all "maybe we can come over sometime" when their mom (who is awesome) was all "come on, you guys!" and I was okay with them visiting.  Because it's boring, they'd be at my house for all of 4 minutes.
  • LittleFlo is doing very well. (for those not on FB: she fell face first on the sidewalk and scraped up half her face.) 
    It looks worse today than it did yesterday.  Yesterday it just looked scratched up and was all swollen.  Today it's red and scabby.  I'm sure it's going to get worse, since the bruises aren't showing yet.  
    I am so thankful that she wasn't really hurt and the damage was mainly cosmetic and I'm sure will heal well - -  BUT half of her face is busted up and it's hard for me to NOT be upset about her pretty little face.  I need to get over it.  And delay getting her 5 year bday pictures taken...
  • I'm sad about the 100% chance of rain on Halloween. One of the most exciting things about buying our house was finally being able to have trick-or-treaters after many years of living in the (relative) wilderness with my society-hating parents. My husband bought candy last night, and we're just going to be open for business tomorrow and Friday before going and giving ourselves over to absolute pleasure at Rocky Horror at midnight.

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