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Well, I've already been controversial, so let's talk Omarosa and Bethenny

Thoughts?  It looks like the video was taken down, so I can't actually watch it.

Re: Well, I've already been controversial, so let's talk Omarosa and Bethenny

  • I can see both points but it's one of those long-time-never-ending arguments. There's no right or wrong answer here, it's two different point of views. Everyone acts differently to different situations. I can't say I'm for or against either because both sides have good points. 

    *shrugs* I'm not white, but I've never had anything happen to/for/against me because of my skin color. At least that I know of lol so I really don't have anything haha
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    I do agree with Omarosa's opinion.

    What I really wonder is if Omarosa were white, if she would have what she wants (which I'm not sure what that really is).  She'd be labeled as an angry bitter woman, NMW, just b/c of her personality and how she presents on television.  

    Like or love Bethenny, she has created a market for herself beyond the reality show market.  I don't really see how Omarosa has done that beyond the reality TV show stuff.

    Edit:  I know there's absolutely no way to measure it.  But I think this might be they're both right about an intersecting issue.
  • How are these two even relevant anymore? That being said, Omarosa has a point but being it's coming from her it is totally lost. Bethenny needs to remember she sold Skinny Girl and now she's making Bethenny Frankel a brand too.
  • Okay, I just watched the lead up to this and the clip under discussion.

    Bethenny was out of line and she was called out on it.  But she refused to apologize and got herself in deeper.  And I think she and Omarosa are both talking about brands, but are using them differently.  Omarosa isn't branding herself, she's pushing a brand or just being herself...Bethenny is a brand, like the Kardashians are.

  • I half watched this the first time and really don't want to watch again.  My first take was

    Omarosa is a pastor?
    Yay for Bethenny for admitting she was wrong
    They both had valid points, but they weren't really listening to each other
    Omarosa was incredibly condescending "You make cupcakes."

    I've watched the show and Bethenny is still pretty awkward in her interviews.  She hasn't quite mastered that it's not about her.  I'd like to see this interview replayed in a year.  I bet it would go much differently. 

  • I agree.  In the discussion I was in, I said they were both talking past each other, neither listening.

    Yeah, I remember when she announced she was going to seminary.  It's been awhile ago.
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